May 14, 2011

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The Men, paitiently waitingI m Married Non Pro Pics photo 1

MOB and my sister's fiance:I m Married Non Pro Pics photo 2

The Bridesmaids: I m Married Non Pro Pics photo 3I m Married Non Pro Pics photo 4I m Married Non Pro Pics photo 5  Maid of Honor:I m Married Non Pro Pics photo 6

Me and my father: I m Married Non Pro Pics photo 7

During the ceremony: I m Married Non Pro Pics photo 8

The Kiss: I m Married Non Pro Pics photo 9

Finally, Mr. and Mrs,!!!!I m Married Non Pro Pics photo 10 I m Married Non Pro Pics photo 11I m Married Non Pro Pics photo 12 I m Married Non Pro Pics photo 13

The cake and centerpieces: I m Married Non Pro Pics photo 14I m Married Non Pro Pics photo 15

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Copied from Aroma, who copied it from CapitolBride.

How old are you both?I am 33, Fi is 39

Do you have any pets?No. FI is allergic, but we decided to have kids then get a dog when our child/children are old enough.

Was the proposal a complete surprise?  Nope. He procrastinated and I kind of knew something was up.

Will the wedding guests be "balanced?" No. Due to the location and the required travel for our families, he won't have as many people on his side. But I keep telling him that all of family and friends are there for him too.

What are some traditions you're keeping at your wedding? We are starting a new tradition at our wedding of using my parents cake cutting set that they used at their wedding 40 years ago. My dad proposed on the third date and they were married 3 months later. I figured they have a very good track record and can only dream of a marriage like theirs. Hopefully their cake cutting set will bring us as much happiness and love.

Are you buying his wedding band for him?  Yes.

What is one thing about your FI that drives you nuts? He's loud. Everything he does is loud. I guess he makes himself known wherever his is. He can't hide from me!!

What are you most looking forward to about being married? Spending the rest of my life with my best friend and starting a family together.

Inside or outside?  Outside and Inside. Ceremony will be held outside in a large courtyard. The cocktail hour will have access to both inside and outside and the reception will be inside a large ballroom.

List anything you dislike. Nuts! Every recipe that calls for nuts or any menu item that has nuts on it loses me. Sometimes I just don't get why you have to add nuts to everything. Oh, and mushrooms. YUCK!

How many people will be there?  We invited about 150 and will end up around 115, max.

Time of day?  5:00 pm. Ceremony should be over right before sunset so everyone can enjoy the sun setting over the golf course at the venue during cocktail hour.

Any kind of theme?  Butterflies.

How many bridesmaids?  5 total. 4 bridesmaids on my side and his sister will stand on his side.

What kind of cake/what will it look like?  We are doing a combo cake. Every other tier will be white cake with mocha filling and white chocolate frosting and in between those tiers will be white and chocolate layered cake with cream cheese filling and white chocolate frosting. Cake will be smooth white finish with fondant silver ribbons, small white flowers and blue edible butterflies. The whole cake and all decorations will be edible. (Will post pictures after wedding)

What kind of dress will you have/color/mat erial? Blue by Enzoani, 2011 collection, Dover. Silk taffeta and lace.

Wedding Survey photo 1

What kind of flowers in your bouquet?  Dark blue and light blue hydrangeas with white lilyanthus

Kind of engagement ring?  White gold, with brilliant cut round center diamond and small round cut diamonds on band

How will you wear your hair?  Messy updo. Dress is so structured that a messy updo will look good (hopefully)

Who will be important to be there?  Everyone!!!

How long will you be engaged before you get married?  6 months (been together for 7+ years, though)

Live together before or wait till married?  We both have houses, but I moved in with him about a year and a half ago.

Take a long time to plan the wedding or will it be simple? Long time. I've been planning since June 2010 (before I was even engaged)

Will you write your own vows or use something pre-made?  Yes. There are so many things I want to say to my FI on our wedding day. I just have to figure out how to express them all.

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The invitation to my bridal shower that my sister (the MOH) and mom are throwing for me. So sweet of them to incorporate the butterfly theme. Can't wait to see what else that have in store. Will post more once event occurs.

Bachelorette Party to be held at Jackalope Ranch, Palm Springs, CA with family and close friends:

 - This is the back side of the resaurant where we will have an area set up for all of us. 

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OK, this is a good one (and a long story). Michael and I have been together for seven plus years and we decided to start talking about marriage. We started looking at the cost of a wedding back in May 2010 in order to get a budget going. I started viewing venues, talking to florists, salons, caterers, etc. Pretty soon, I had the whole wedding planned and a budgetstarted. We had booked the venue, even before the proposal, since May is a busy wedding month in Arizona. This got me excited that a proposal would come soon, since we made a large deposit on the venue.

A month or so went by, still no proposal, and I started looking at wedding dresses. I hadn't gone to a bridal boutique but did a lot of looking online. Soon it was September and I had 8 months until our wedding date of May 14th. I talked to Michael and we both agreed that I should start looking for dresses. My mom came into town from California and we had a wonderful girls weekend trying on dresses. I ended up buying my dress at the first place I went to, Uptown Bridal, in Chandler, AZ. At this point I still don't have a ring or a proposal.

It was now October and I started to wonder if I was pushing Michael into this wedding or if he really wanted it. By this time, he had been let go from his job and the wedding plans were in full swing. Like I stated in our story, he has impeccable timing. We started to discuss what we can do to cut costs and expenses, which was difficult since the wedding was weighing heavily in my mind and all I could see were dollar signs in my budget; which of course was getting bigger and bigger each day. After many discussions and a few arguments, I decide to let it go.

It was the first weekend in November came around and it was time for us to take our engagement photos. Michael had a surprise for me and it was tickets to the Phoenix Ballet to see A Midsummer Night's Dream; one of my favorite Shakespearean stories. I thought, OK, tonight is the night. We went to dinner and then the ballet and then... home. Nothing happened. I was so sad, but thought, we just had a wonderful night, don't ruin it. The next day was our engagement photo session and while shopping for something to wear, I thought, "why the heck am I taking engagement photos if I'm not engaged!!!" I got really upset with myself and did not want to go to our appointment. In fact I was crying most of the time before our photo session. But Michael had a trick up his sleeve.

Right before our engagement session. I mean, right before we walked out the door, he sat me down and told me how much he loved me and how he couldn't imagine his life without me. He told me that I was his best friend and that I was the first person he wanted to see when he woke up and the person he wanted to fall asleep with at night. Tears were steaming down my face. I looked up and he had tears too. I couldn't believe this moment was finally here after seven years. This was all I ever wanted! I just needed him to ask me. I didn't need a ring or a diamond or anything. I just needed to be asked.

As I wiped away my tears, I noticed that he was holding a small box in his hand. I couldn't believe that after losing his job and us talking about our finances, he still managed to purchase a ring. He opened the box and I saw the most beautiful ring. He gave me everything I ever wanted in that moment. I had his love, his commitment and friendship. I will never forget that moment that we shared.