Oct 28, 2011

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Pro Pics Ceremony photo 1 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 2 

The Seating of the Mothers -- "Love Theme from The Godfather"

Pro Pics Ceremony photo 3 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 4 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 5 

Bridesmaid Processional -- "All I Want Is You" by Vitamin String Quartet (U2 tribute)

Pro Pics Ceremony photo 6 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 7 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 8 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 9 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 10 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 11  Pro Pics Ceremony photo 12 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 13 Waiting for my music... "Love Story Meets Viva La Vida" by Jon Schmidt. I did a custom edit to shorten the first part of the song and I waited for a few minutes outside the door while the song was playing. Once the song transitioned to "Viva La Vida", I entered the theatre.

Pro Pics Ceremony photo 14 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 15 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 16 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 17 

I walked down the aisle alone but DH met me at the end of the aisle and helped me up the stairs to the altar.

Pro Pics Ceremony photo 18 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 19 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 20 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 21 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 22 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 23  Pro Pics Ceremony photo 24  Pro Pics Ceremony photo 25 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 26 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 27  Pro Pics Ceremony photo 28 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 29  Pro Pics Ceremony photo 30 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 31 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 32 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 33 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 34 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 35 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 36 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 37 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 38 

WINE UNITY CEREMONY -- "Can't Help Falling in Love" by Vitamin String Quartet (our nod to Elvis)

The wines we chose for the ceremony:

  • RED: 2008 Leaf Street Pinot Noir because we drank this the night we were engaged 
  • WHITE: 2010 Chateau Ste Michelle Chardonnay because it's a wine we drink often  

Pro Pics Ceremony photo 41 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 42  Pro Pics Ceremony photo 43 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 44 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 45 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 46 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 47 

My BM Ebony sang "At Last" to us and cried while she sang it, which made everyone else cry too. It was so heart warming!

Pro Pics Ceremony photo 48 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 49


Pro Pics Ceremony photo 50 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 51

Recessional -- "We Go Together", the end song from "Grease" :)

♥♥♥ MARRIED!!! ♥♥♥ 

Pro Pics Ceremony photo 52 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 53 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 54 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 55 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 56 


Pro Pics Ceremony photo 57 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 58 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 59 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 60 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 61 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 62 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 63 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 64 Pro Pics Ceremony photo 65 

My new family! :) MIL, BIL's, and DH's niece:

Pro Pics Ceremony photo 66

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We did our "Bride & Groom" photo shoot right outside of the venue, right after First Look. It was pretty cold outside that day but the adrenaline completely overrode the chill.  

Pro Pics Together photo 1 Pro Pics Together photo 2 Pro Pics Together photo 3 

I loved that the venue had a marquee! I came up with "Night of the Living Wed" as a nod to old horror movies since we both love those so much. And it was Halloween weekend. :)

Pro Pics Together photo 4 Pro Pics Together photo 5 Pro Pics Together photo 6 Pro Pics Together photo 7 Pro Pics Together photo 8 Pro Pics Together photo 9 Pro Pics Together photo 10 Pro Pics Together photo 11 Pro Pics Together photo 12 Pro Pics Together photo 13 Pro Pics Together photo 14 Pro Pics Together photo 15 

Our photographer Joe risked life and limb for this next shot. He laid down in the middle of the busy city street and was nearly run over by a driver not paying attention. He does anything to get the shot!! 

Pro Pics Together photo 16 

Then my veil fell out and DH fixed it for me. :)

Pro Pics Together photo 17 

Right after that, our DOC's DH roared up in his 1947 Ford for us to take photos with! That was an incredible surprise from our DOC. =) Something blue!!!

Pro Pics Together photo 18 Pro Pics Together photo 19 Pro Pics Together photo 20 Pro Pics Together photo 21 Pro Pics Together photo 22 Pro Pics Together photo 23 Pro Pics Together photo 24 Pro Pics Together photo 25 Pro Pics Together photo 26 Pro Pics Together photo 27 Pro Pics Together photo 28 

Okay, THESE next few pics were taken later, near the end of the reception. I wanted a photo of us doing ring finger birds to the camera. Our photographer delivered in spades! 

Pro Pics Together photo 29 

Kicked up one more level (to Level 11, haha!)... our photographer's idea... perhaps my favorite photo of all of ours:

Pro Pics Together photo 30

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There are so many more pics of the guys because us ladies ran SUPER late. Oh well. LOL 


Entourage Group Portraits photo 1  Entourage Group Portraits photo 3  Entourage Group Portraits photo 8   Entourage Group Portraits photo 9 Entourage Group Portraits photo 10 Entourage Group Portraits photo 11 Entourage Group Portraits photo 12 

I love everyone who was in our wedding party so much! :) It was such a fun, fun day for all of us.



Entourage Group Portraits photo 13 Entourage Group Portraits photo 14   


Entourage Group Portraits photo 15 Entourage Group Portraits photo 17  Entourage Group Portraits photo 19 Entourage Group Portraits photo 20 Entourage Group Portraits photo 21

And to get that shot above, there was much stair climbing involved (but worth the effort). Which caused a lot of things like this to happen:

Entourage Group Portraits photo 22

I stepped on my veil and tore my dress! But it was at the very bottom, underneath the top layer so nobody knew but us. 

Entourage Group Portraits photo 23 Entourage Group Portraits photo 24

This one cracks me up. It looks like we are saying "Let's slide down the banister!"

Entourage Group Portraits photo 25


Entourage Group Portraits photo 26  Entourage Group Portraits photo 28 

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We did the First Look and Group Pics at Ault Park in Cincinnati. It was the perfect place and perfect time. Not too sunny and no rain. 

First Look photo 1 First Look photo 3 First Look photo 5 First Look photo 7  First Look photo 9

Then we said "Now what?" LOL

First Look photo 10

We were so glad we didn't have to hide from each other or be apart anymore today. :)

Then we were off for formal portraits!

First Look photo 11

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I know how much we all love detail shots, ladies! Here are a few but there are MANY more below in the ceremony and reception sections.

I loved my Luichiny shoes!!! 

Getting Ready DETAILS photo 1 

In action! :)

Garter by HelloDesignCrew on Etsy

Getting Ready DETAILS photo 2 

Bracelet by DesignbyPris on Etsy

Fascinator custom made by PW's own Woskov. :) Fascinate Me on Etsy. I highly recommend her.

Getting Ready DETAILS photo 3 

The dress -- from the signature line by Galina

Getting Ready DETAILS photo 6

DIY dress hanger made by DH and I

Getting Ready DETAILS photo 7 

Bouquets custom made by KateSaidYes on Etsy

Getting Ready DETAILS photo 8   


Getting Ready DETAILS photo 10

We ordered custom made ties for DH and his GM's from Cyberoptix on Etsy. They were perfect! I highly recommend her as well.

Getting Ready DETAILS photo 11

DIY unicorn cufflinks made by DH!! He did an incredible job! =)

Getting Ready DETAILS photo 12

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Starting off with the right music for the vibe today... Frank Sinatra station on Pandora. This was a surprise from my BM/hair stylist Drea and the coolest way to begin everything. It totally helped me relax and stay calm. :) 

Getting Ready photo 1 

I do not have any photos of ME getting hair/makeup done. This is totally my own fault because I was so worried about running late that I planned it all to happen far before the photographers got there. I knew it would take HOURS to do my hair and I was right. But it was all done on time. :)

It was definitely worth all the time in the chair. My MUA asked me if that was all my own hair and hardly believed me when I told her it was (but it was). LOL Unfortunately, I don't have any pics with my MUA, the amazing Heidi McKenna. 

Getting Ready photo 2

My MOH Callie is pictured here with Drea's magic fingers.

Getting Ready photo 3 Getting Ready photo 4   Getting Ready photo 5 Getting Ready photo 6

It was pretty chaotic backstage. We used all of the rooms the venue would let us have access to.

Getting Ready photo 7

Alcohol was required! This stuff is great, very light, a wine spritz I bought from World Market called Pomula. 

Getting Ready photo 8 Getting Ready photo 9

Wine and pizza from across the street. Pizza was for everyone else. My amazing MOH Callie got me Subway because I was afraid of messing up my makeup by eating pizza. My MUA taught me a helpful trick. She told me to take my sandwich apart, roll each piece up and carefully pop it into my mouth. It worked incredibly well! She also provided straws for drinks.

Getting Ready photo 10

My BM Ebony did a good job of keeping me calm and making me smile because she kept running back and forth between my room and DH's room to check on him too. She gave me reports and told me he was really happy and that she felt love in both rooms. <3

Getting Ready photo 11 Getting Ready photo 12 Getting Ready photo 13 Getting Ready photo 14

And then the brooch on my shoe came off. So my sister Lyn who was my other MOH helped me glue it back on. Don't you just love my baggy sweatpants? It was fuh-reezing in that room so I was wearing them over my jeans. So classy.

Getting Ready photo 15  Getting Ready photo 16 Getting Ready photo 18

My mom. :)

Getting Ready photo 19 Getting Ready photo 20

Callie and I were so excited about her hair that we hugged too!

Getting Ready photo 21

And then it was time for my sister to help me put on my dress. I loved this because I had just helped her put on her wedding dress 6 months prior. :)

Getting Ready photo 22 Getting Ready photo 23

My dress was a little too big the week before the wedding (thanks to pre-wedding stress) so my friend Dana stepped in to help. She did some last minute sewing that morning but still needed to do some adjusting when I put it on. 

Getting Ready photo 24

I love this next shot because it's me in the reflection of the jukebox.

Getting Ready photo 25

The GM's were set up in a room adjacent to ours which was called "The James Brown Room" because it was pretty sleazy (in the best of ways). But the boys liked that. They also came to visit us often. :)

Getting Ready photo 26 Getting Ready photo 27 Getting Ready photo 28 

Our Best Man Justin held the rings and never wanted to put them down. :)

Getting Ready photo 29

My handsome DH looks so happy here! =)

Getting Ready photo 30