Oct 28, 2011

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I am very pleased with how this went. :)

Makeup trial photo 1

Makeup trial photo 2

Makeup trial photo 3

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I'm so overjoyed about this. We bought mine and FI's bands today. They should be here soon. *Squee!!!!!!*

Wedding bands photo 1 Wedding bands photo 2

 Mine on me!


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I have to say that none of these were easy for me! But I've never been an artsy crafty person. I can design on the PC and but wow, it's so different in real life. Countless times I found myself wishing for the "undo" button. But that's not how it works in real life. Instead, if you make a mistake, you get to start over! I learned so much doing these projects.


This was SUCH a PITA! But I love the end result. A word of advice for others doing this!!! Make sure you place a piece of plastic between your design and your runner. Otherwise, your runner will stick to the paper design like mine did. I had to slowly and carefully pull it off. The runner has small tears in it but I am doing some creative repair.

DIY Craziness photo 1 


The DIY cake topper. I'd seen it a bunch of times online and I quickly added it to my list of things to make. I found a few tutorials.

Crafty Eddy was the one who made it for me. He doesn't have a website, you have to email him. He was super nice and he did this for $14 including shipping. It's a "C" in Edwardian font. Mr. Glampants and I learned that not all scripted "C's" are created equal. Some look like an "E", some look like an "L", and some don't look like anything resembling a letter. Edwardian font is the one that looks fancy but still allows you to decipher the letter. Crafty Eddy cranked this beauty out in a day. I ordered it around 9 AM and he emailed me a photo of the finished carved and sanded product about 7 hours later. Shipping was also fast.

I was ready to start the project! We bought indoor/outdoor spray primer which Mr. Glampants helped me with priming: 

DIY Craziness photo 2

To save money, I opted to use my acrylic paint from the runner. Primed and painted the letter, let it dry, all was good. I also found a new use for a beer bottle.

DIY Craziness photo 3

Fearful of my yet unused hotfix tool, I found some courage and set everything up. Holy cats, those crystals are tiny! Now I know what the tweezers are for. Picked up a crystal in the tool, set it down on the letter, and disaster struck. It was melting my paint! Come to find out, acrylic paint is not heat resistant. I should have checked before I tried it, totally my fault. Lesson learned.

The next weekend was Take 2. We bought spray on paint stripper, and BBQ grill paint. Because we knew that would be heat resistant. We didn't see regular indoor/outdoor Krylon paint. Stripped and painted the letter, let it dry overnight. 

Set up the hotfix tool and the crystals again. This time it worked. But it took some practice with the tool to understand how it worked. It's super neat! Not really easy at first. I burned my fingers a bunch of times using them to slide the crystals over once they were attached. That is until I realized I could do that with the tool itself. Sometimes the crystal would get stuck in the tool and I'd have to use a needle to get it out. I now understand why people say it's "eye-popping back-breaking" work. It is. I didn't want to stop because I wanted it done. I got at least half of it done in about 2.5 hours.

DIY Craziness photo 4

A few more hours another night and VOILA! I wish you could see how sparkly it is. It really blings.

DIY Craziness photo 5


Cake table letters are finished. I had to re-paint them 3 times because I thought I could paint the middle trim in red. But I couldn't do it without making a mess out of it. I'm a perfectionist so I ended up painting the whole letter black. And then I had to re-paint them a 4th time because they got messed up when I'd stored them. It gave me the chance to do the rhinestones the way I wanted to though. FOUR TIMES!? But they are finished and I am glad. 


I completed 4 of the 5 photo collages I plan on. They were actually pretty easy and I am really happy with them. We have a 17 foot long display case in the lobby/bar area of the venue to use and I wanted to put some cool things to look at it in it. 

Engagement pic collage:

DIY Craziness photo 7

History together 1:

DIY Craziness photo 8

History together 2:

DIY Craziness photo 9

Vintage Vegas Postcards:

DIY Craziness photo 10

I also made cute signs to go above the collages so people will know what they are. I have one collage project left -- pics of the wedding party members with us over the years.


Oh my. Finally this is finished. It didn't end up the way I saw it in my head but I like it enough. I actually love the front. But not the sides. I can't wrap gifts nicely. So after tearing the paper off and persuading Mr. Glampants to help me, and after he had to tear the paper off and do it again, the boxes were wrapped. It was supposed to be 3 boxes but I lost the top box and decided I didn't need it. It's very sparkly and very blingy and I love it. 

DIY Craziness photo 11

DIY Craziness photo 12


Finally an easy project! Finally a DIY that didn't involve any cursing, yelling, re-dos or wanting to throw the project across the room. Totally inspired by this post by LadyESQ:, I assembled our Tears of Joy packs tonight. Well, half of them are finished. I'll finish the other half tomorrow. The rest of the night is devoted to beer with FI. :)

Poem on these was first seen at JonNJen2011's profile.

This was a cheap and easy DIY for $6.50 total cost!

- Business cards from VistaPrint for free (I'm a very loyal customer and they send me offers frequently)

- 2 bulk packs of travel size kleenex from Dollar Tree for $1 each

Self adhesive plastic bags from Ebay (100 for $2.00, $2.50 for shipping)

Finally a DIY that photo 2839571-1


Oh my goodness. This was a huge project!  

This was a LOT more work than I first planned. After 30 something revisions to the design for each piece, and SO much trial and error figuring out how to execute the project, they are finished. I had the invites printed at and the RSVP postcards printed at Vista Print. (I shamelessly borrowed the RSVP postcard back design from msdl, with her permission.) I DIY'd the address labels and modified the wraparound label concept.

FI and I worked our tails off on assembling these in a matter of hours in one night and then we dropped them off at the post office! I can't believe they are done. HOORAY!!! Thank you, PW, for inspiration from so many places here. FI and I love these and they really suit us.

This was a LOT photo 3079062-1

This was a LOT photo 3079062-2

This was a LOT photo 3079062-3

This was a LOT photo 3079062-4

This was a LOT photo 3079062-5

This was a LOT photo 3079062-6

This was a LOT photo 3079062-7

This was a LOT photo 3079062-8


I am so so proud of these. Another design project with 3617319 revisions to it. This is the final product. They look so much better printed out.

Outside pages (back and front):

Inside pages:

RSVP Card Display -- I only wish I could remember who posted something similar to this last year. I searched PW for hours earlier trying to remember. If anyone knows, please let me know! I would love to give that bride credit for the inspiration. I love that we got so many great comments and the drawn pics are the best!

Getting ready tank -- rhinestone design found on ebay here. FI was awesome enough to iron it on for me:

Memorial candles:


FI's amazing DIY unicorn cufflinks: (turns out that he is crafty too!)

Programs basket and tears of joy baskets:

Photo Booth mask props: (we found these in Joanne's in the Halloween section and I painted them)


Dress hanger: (not a fun project for me, I think I could have done better but I didn't have the patience to do it again)

Vow cards: (I love these)!!!!


Menu cards:


Table assignments display board:


Sparkler container (joint project with FI):

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Wedding planning is the most exciting thing I've ever done. It's like Christmas all the time. I love getting things I ordered in the mail!


$10 score at Oriental Trading Company! We just wanted black ones so the price was a bonus.


I got a $50 credit from for merchandise from Vistaprint for (are you ready for this?) $10!!! This is what I got in this haul:

Address labels that we are using for the candy buffet bags:

Tote bag that I personalized with "Lucky in Love D&K" to carry my wedding binder and camera in for all wedding trips:

Vinyl banner for the head table:

I also got other address labels for our thank you cards. And a large rubber stamp that I customized and designed for the back of our invitation envelopes.



For the guys, custom unicorn ties from Etsy and pocket squares:


These are FI's unicorn socks:


For the gals, heart-shaped personalized mirror compacts from Poem written by me! :)


Also matching jewelry sets of necklace and earrings from (amazing prices)

I didn't get a good pic of these but you can see them in our wedding photos:

Our first wedding gift also arrived in the mail: It was so exciting to get gifts!


And we got our RSVP from Mickey & Minnie. :) This was so cool and we displayed the photo in a frame at the reception. Here's how you can invite them (or the President) too!

Other items ordered and tips for where to get things:

- Silk petals from - Love this place! Our silk petals looked and felt real. They will send you a free sample of different colors you choose so you can check it out for yourself. We got 2,000 petals for $35.98 and we had more than enough! 

- Diamond ice from - We got 2,000 pieces in a bag for $5.99 and got 2 bags. Again, more than enough. 

- Truffles in bulk for the candy buffet - Dan's Chocolates - - WONDERFUL company, will definitely be ordering from again. We got 2 bulk trays of truffles (in different flavors) for $39.98 total. We ordered Raspberry Chocolate and Pumpkin Pie truffles. They disappeared fast at the wedding. Glad we tried them out at home before! ;)


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This poster will be 24x36 and go in one of the outside display cases of the theater.

DIY signs other paper items photo 1

Cake Flavors 4x6 sign, first inspired by Plumcrush:

Candy Buffet Sign 8x10

Kissing Menus 5x7 to go on each guest table, concept first seen somewhere on PW but I can't remember where:

Decided not to do these:

Welcome Sign 16x20, inspired by SignaturesbySarah:

Decided not to do this either:

Menu Cards (basic concept, but not exact menu yet):

Escort Cards:

Decided not to do escort cards and did table assignment board instead:

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Designed in Illustrator. Printing at! :) We ended up doing a different envelope.

DIY invitations photo 1