Aug 28, 2011

Chiali Meng Temple City
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I had two makeup trials before Chiali. Nobody knew how to do my eyes, which are heavy lidded. The second makeup artist suggested I do my own makeup. And I almost agreed, but I was like.. no, someone out there has to know how to do makeup on my eyes.

So from my lighting guy's website (TTMPro), I found Chiali. I checked out her website's before and after pictures (like I always do with other makeup artists), and I was blown away. I showed my friends the before and after pictures, and they were wowed.. I was like.. dude..... she makes aliens look human. Seriously, check those pics out.

I called her, a small voice answered, but you could tell Chiali is nice.

I met with her for a trial, and omg, she put scotch tape to create double eyelid, two layers of lashes, amazing foundation and contouring of the face to show depth.. and ta da.. I felt... pretty. I like my face without makeup, but her makeup made me vavavaVoom.

And there's something about Chiali. She's quiet, calm, cute, and nice. She's kinda funny too actually, she giggles cute. My brother's talking about toilet babies and how some women don't know they're pregnant until it comes out.. totally inappropriate, but Chiali was totally down with it. And just kinda giggles in her sweet quiet way.

But enough about makeup. This girl is a god with updos. Like hands down, no contest, she's a wedding specialist. During my trial, she said.. your hair is too healthy, it won't hold curls. And she showed me how I need more layers for the look I needed. At that point, I was like whatever you say Chiali, I'll do it.

So I got highlights, and more layers.. And the moment of truth, my wedding day. After Chiali did a number on me, my now mother in law asked her son, where I am when I'm right infront of her. She didn't recognize me. She thought I was somebody else. Chiali did such a transformation that my own mother in law of four years can't recognize me.

Is she pricey? You can't put a price on Chiali... you're lucky if you get to book her.
Services used: Beauty & Health

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
So OCDamia cracked me up actually. I mean.. when I researched for string musicians, I studied their youtube videos. OCDamia look so serious in these videos. I was walking down the aisle.. haha.. one had the funniest expression on his face, like he was utterly bored. I know I know.. that might be just how he looks.. but I was cracking up as I was walking down the aisle. I loved it so.. they're like.. ahh.. another wedding.. it's so hot.. but they played my processional, recessional, etc as requested. And they showed up in a suit. yay.. suits! Add a touch of class to your wedding, hire OCDamia. Good value, and they're kinda unintentionally funny.
Services used: Ceremony Music

Platinum Peaks Entertainment
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
DJ Huey Le was all the raves after my wedding.

Of all things, everyone consistently said.. "your DJ was seriously good. He transitioned everything so well."

So I gotta give my husband credit for getting Huey. He was the one who went to a wedding where Huey was the dj. And he was like.. this guy, he's really good. He got ppl on the dance floor.

We met Huey at Starbucks. And he's, first and foremost, a businessman. He talks business, and he's educated. That's what my phd fiance liked about Huey.. he's not ghetto.. you won't hear Huey saying yo yo yo.. no. He's respectful, your aunt, uncle, dad and sister will like him.

My sis thought he was cute.

He goes table to table asking people what they want to dance to, he dances on the dance floor. He shows people how to do the dances.

Listen to my facebook comment from a friend "Congrats to my friends Astrid and Mike, for successfully getting ALL 100+ guests to join the conga line. Good job, guys!"

It wasn't me, it was Huey. Our guests ranged from 60+ years old, to mid-20's. And yet, everyone danced.. and afterwards, guests were asking.. did you guys pick those songs? They're good songs.

Huey Huey you're Freakin AWESOME!!!

Thank you for what everyone agreed unanimously to be a "hey that was a fun wedding!"

Astrid and Mike.

If you ever need a reference at all.. call us!! We will spread the word about Huey, our educated, non-ghetto dj who got everyone to their feet!
Services used: DJ, Flowers, Rentals & Photobooths