Aug 13, 2011

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                                        The Venue photo 1

So after much research and deliberation we went to visit the Space Needle and and FI fell in love with it. So we put our deposit down. I figured if I'm lucky enough to have someone who wants to be so involved he should get what he wants as well. Its a beautiful venue. I'm excited.

                                        The Venue photo 2

                                        The Venue photo 3


               And Just a little fyi Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett got engaged in the Space Needle.

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So after getting engaged I bought every wedding magazine possible and absolutely fell in love with the Jenny Lee 1101.


                                                  The Dress photo 1

After a bridal expo we went to the one bridal boutique in Seattle that carried this dress and I tried it on. Everyone loved it, okay great. Done deal.

So for fun and out of stupidity I tried on some other dresses thinking "No big deal, found my dress, just have to try on others because I cant only try one."

BIG MISTAKE. I tried on the Monique Lhuillier Meringue Corset with the Magical Skirt and fell in love. IN LOVE. I got the "feeling" and everything. I never even gave this dress a second look in magazines because the pictures dont do it justice at all but if you see it in person, its stunning.

Took my mom to look at it and she loves the original more, so I'm torn. I'm in love with not one but TWO dresses. :(

Now I just have to decide. Hahhah. Wish me luck.


                                              The Dress photo 2

                                                                  This Bottom


                                 The Dress photo 3The Dress photo 4

                                                                         This Top



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My name is Jess, I'm engaged to my very best friend. He is a graphic designer, was really big in the Seattle club scene for doing flyers and art for that and did my flyer for my 22nd birthday. We met that night and have been together ever since. He told me he loved me after a month and we started talking ((Not so seriously)) about marriage soon after that. 6 months after we started dating I found out I was prego and he didnt even flinch. We had Ethan May 10th 2009 and now we're getting married Aug 13th, 2011. He is my rock, the love of my life and I dont think I could ever imagine life without him.




My son Ethan. He is the best thing that ever happened to me. He is honestly my heart and soul.