May 30, 2008

Celebrations Catered Events
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
This vendor is not what it is hyped up to be. When my wedding cordinator got to the reception venue, NONE of the linens were on the tables, the buffest table was not set up, and the waitstaff was just standing around. My planner and her husband had to put all of the linens on the tables and set up the buffet table. When it came time to have the waitstaff escort tables to the buffet lines they didn't! My planner and her husband again had to do their job. When my guests were in line for food and when asked if they wanted the chicken or lasagna and they said both they were yelled at and told that they could only have one or the other. When my husband, planner, and I had origianlly met with the owner of the company, she had said that the guests could have both or just one, that the wait staff would be there to refill the water pitchers and iced tea pitchers, would escort the guests tables to the buffet line, and the wait staff would be sure to box up the cake after the cake had been served. Well none of this happend. After the cake cutting the wait staff did cut the rest of the cake, BUT they did it in front of all the guests and after serving the cake they just left the cake sitting on the cake table! My grandmother noticed this and when she went to the man who said HE was the owner of the company and she asked him when they were planning on boxing the cake up he said that they weren't going to and that they had thrown the boxes that the cake came in away and so he have her the aluminum tins that food goes into and told HER that SHE needed to box the cake up. When I saw my grandmother doing this I was furious and went to my planner. She was outraged! When it came time for my mom to cut the check she didn't leave the 18% gratutity due to the lack of effort on the wait staff and also because they threw all the food away that was left over and threw the cake boxes away and we gave them $150 in soda and juice that was left over at the bar. The only 2 good things that I have to say is that the bar tender was AMAZING! He made I think about $500 that night. The second thing was that the food was great. DO NOT GO WITH THIS COMPANY or YOU WILL BE SORRY!
Services used: Catering