Sep 10, 2011

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The big day is coming up in less than 3 weeks! Can you believe it? I can't.

I get more and more stuff done each day/week yet more little stuff keeps being tacked onto my to-do list. My rollercoaster of emotions go from accomplishment and excitement to stress and frustration. An issue that has mostly caused the latter feelings is the lack of courtesy from invited guests:

• RSVP-ing. How hard is it to send back a pre-stamped postcard, write your name on it, and check "yes" or "no"? Apparently very hard for some people.

• Adding onto that, how hard is it to see that you have been given two seats at our reception - not seven? If I had not have called to confirm certain RSVPs, we might end up with a few extra uninvited guests.

• If you haven't received an invitation by now, you'd think you weren't invited, right? Wrong for one guest. We initially couldn't invite this couple due to lack of space. Luckily we do have room for them to attend, but it was BEYOND awkward when we were asked "Can we still come?" a week after the RSVP's were due. We pretended their invite got lost in the mail. So. Embarrassing.

• The ceremony procession will consist of bridal party members, family, and family-like friends. Sorry, if we asked you to walk in our procession, you can't have your significant other of a year walk with you.

The Venting Entry photo 1

*sigh* I've been able to deal with all of this and I'm very glad that this has been the extent of "drama." And hey - it comes with the territory. But I'm glad the majority of our players have been great!

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Had a hair appointment yesterday - I went in for a trim and left with a gorgeous 'do! That's right, I had my hair trial! This image of Anna Paquin was my inspiration:

Got My Hurr Did photo 1

My hair is pin-straight and kills a curl by the end of any event. So I decided to go with what God gave me and stick to a straight style. So here's the magic my hairdresser conjured up:

Got My Hurr Did photo 2

Looooove it!!! And there's my hair flower! She decided to curl it, knowing that it wouldn't stay curly later on. And yes, I'm gonna keep the panels of color - I'll have them done again some time during the summer. It was also a pleasant surprise knowing that a bumpit was not needed :) FI got to see it after - but without the flower. Next beauty-related step: jewelry!

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Our save the dates were sent a couple weeks ago! Of course, I designed them and by designed I mean obsessed and nitpicked over. I was lucky to have my wonderful FI (and my mother too) help with putting them together! They were inspired by a few things: I wanted something that can stand out and that's unique. I wanted something that had some sort of function. I don't know what sparked the idea of a door hanger, but it definitely fits well with our reception at Castle Green, an historic hotel. So here they are in all their glory!

Please Do Not Forget photo 1

I only needed about 100, but the printer's minimum is 250. The extras are all over my parents' place!

Please Do Not Forget photo 2

The assembly!

Please Do Not Forget photo 3

Another closeup :) I went for a vintage/modern feel.

Please Do Not Forget photo 4

Please Do Not Forget photo 5

FI and I 

Please Do Not Forget photo 6

Front of the label

Please Do Not Forget photo 7

Back of the label/envelope

Please Do Not Forget photo 8

All 100 save the dates ready for mailing!

Please Do Not Forget photo 9

And off they go! I was suprised that people received them the next day! Good job, USPS!


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As a graphic designer, it is imperative that I'm behind all the design projects for the wedding! That also means that I unfortunately put too much pressure on myself to make these things look perfect ;)

My first task was to design our monogram. It wasn't TOO difficult and I'm really happy with the result:

BnL B L photo 1

If you've seen Disney Pixar's "Wall-E" you'd recognize the BnL logo. Our initials match up, so we thought it'd be cute to mimic that, but of course in a more decorative/whimsical tone. It'll be on EVERYTHING!

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We are so lucky and grateful for my Aunt Rose. The minute we got engaged she offered to give us our honeymoon through her timeshare! We've gone to the timeshare website and picked out our top three places: Big Island, Kauai, Fiji. While the thought of going somewhere international (Greece? Italy?) sounded fantastic, we thought it'd be easier to just take it easy somewhere a little closer to home.

There was a lot of back and forth and mind-changing, and due to the type of "lottery system" the timeshare has, my aunt just used her credit card points to book our honeymoon at the Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort in Hawaii's Big Island!

Honeymoon in Hilo photo 1

For the past few weeks I've kept my eye on airfare. I saw it at a decent price, then I saw it go up. I checked yesterday and jumped at the lowest price I've seen through American Express! So we are BOOKED! We are so excited and cannot wait to set up the Honeyfund.com registry! I see some hiking, dining and other fun activities on that Hawaiian horizon :)


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HELLO 2011!!!

We're winding down to the 6 month mark! SO exciting - yet also a little daunting. All the ideas and planning I've been doing for something that used to be 2 years away, should be coming to fruition soon! A 50% deposit was put down for the caterer, we'll be finalizing paper work with the church in a couple of weeks, and Save the Dates will be sent this week! It's barely March and 2011 truly feels like our year! Our offer on a condo finally pulled through and we've spent the past month renovating, hoping to move in in a couple of months (so grateful for family help!). Our lives are busy and changing in the best ways possible!

After a couple trips to Downtown's garment district, my mother and I picked our dress materials and dropped them off to the seamstress to start working on! We also picked up yards and yards of fabric in light gray, purple and yellow for the table napkins. In another month or so, we'll return to buy fabric for the flowers girl dresses, which my mom and fiancé's aunt have so graciously agreed to sewing themselves! Here's my inspiration:

Pretty Little Things photo 1

I'm all about the tiers! So fun and cute and not too simple. The top left pink dress would be great for my Jr. Bridesmaid, except I'd have it in a pretty blue. My mom suggested having the other girls in different colors - purple, yellow, and silver (although I'm debating whether or not to have pink instead of silver, because what little girl would wear silver?). It'll be so great seeing them run around in these pretty little numbers - I hope they don't grow too much over the summer!