Jun 20, 2009

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I have looked and looked and finally found the dress of my dreams..Now the search is on since it's a Monique Luo dress and its discontinued but I have a yr until the wedding so I am not going to give up..I want it therefore I will get it!! (I hope) lol...

My Dress:

attire photo 1

My shoes:


attire photo 2

My other shoes:

attire photo 3

My BM dresses:

attire photo 4


girls shoes:

attire photo 5


GM shirts N pants (and what my boys will wear):

attire photo 6


attire photo 7


the FG dress will be similar to this:

attire photo 8

The look I am going for:

attire photo 9


My ceremony site and reception site are at the same it is:

attire photo 10

another look..not sure if I want the reception indoors or out..

attire photo 11



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We are not doing the traditional wedding since we have started  Thought it was marriage-house and then kids..not kids-house-then

Anywho-we are having a hawaiian themed wedding.  Our colors are pink & green.


My bouquet:


about the wedding theme my flowers photo 1

BM's bouquets:

about the wedding theme my flowers photo 2


my daugher will be my fg and she will have a combo of my flowers in a basket like this one:

about the wedding theme my flowers photo 3


my youngest son will be the ring bearer and carry this pillow:

about the wedding theme my flowers photo 4

My oldest son will give me away since both my parents have passed..











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Lets see: where to  My name is Tammy and I am 38 (oh gosh) [big sigh] will turn 39 in August.  Joe is 45.  We've been together for 6 1/2 years.  We have two kids together, joseph who is 5 and Autumn who is 4..and if your wondering-yes they are close in age..not even a year was hell!! lol  I have a 9 yr old son from a previous marriage and he has a 23 year old daughter.  This will be the third time for both of us.  The first time I got married I was right out of high school (18) boy was I dumb..The second time I was even dumber!! The best thing that came out of that was my son..

the ring:Our story photo 1

I will post some pics of the kids when I download them from my camera..I do have baby pics but not recent ones..I'll have to put that on my TO DO list..