Jul 30, 2010

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The issues started two days before the wedding, supposedly the Silver/Black Rolls Royce we booked was involved in an accident a month prior and was in the shop until the day of the wedding so they had no choice but to give us the White Rolls. We booked the silver/black for a reason BMC. So employee" X" calls me two days prior and goes into long conversation about how it was involved in this accident and what's its going to take to fix this car...long wait because of parts, painting, chroming, etc, etc, etc. You would think they would offer some sort of deal because of this, I don't think so. All I received was sorry but will the white Rolls due? Being our wedding is two days away I had know choice. Their contract states that they'll be in contact with you a week prior to your wedding to arrange the final details which didn't happen. Employee "X" was going to give me a call later in the day to update me on whether the car will be out of the shop...didn't happen, thanks for your world class service! So fast forward to our wedding day. The ceremony will be over around 5:30 so I requested the car to arrive at 5:15. We're out of the church a little before 5:30 and no car...their goes your prompt service that they offer. So we wait...mind you this is our wedding day and we're waiting for the our transportation to take us to the reception. +30 minutes later the driver arrives. We're supposed to be happy/giddy/excited but the wait seemed like forever. So I ask the driver what's going on're late...way late. His excuse was they didn't notify him until 30 mins prior to the wedding/traffic/directions???? I'm not sure where they found this clown but I've had better conversations with bus drivers in Hong Kong. Come on BMC where are your standards? We made it to our reception but had to cut our ride short due to timing. We paid for two hours and had the car for 30 mins. $275+ gone. So I call employee "X" after we get back from our honeymoon and explain to him what happened. He had know idea the car was late because this driver obviously didn't communicate with his office. So employee "X" offers me a 30min discount which amounts to $55 off the price or a sedan trip to or from the airport...I took the $55 due to what happened thus far. So I get an email confirming the $55 will be put back on the card. The way BMC limo works is like this. You pay for the 2hr min which amounts to $220. 20% is added for the driver gratuity and 6% is added for the fuel surcharge. The only thing that's missing is the baggage fee which I'm sure is on its way. I question the credit with a follow-up email explaining the following. 110/hr x 1.5 hrs = $165
20% Gratuity of $165 = $33
6% fuel of $165 = $9.90
Shouldn't there be a credit of 69.30 issued?

You would think that they would credit me the extra $14.30 due to what's happened so far...................not at all, it remains the same.
"UPDATE" - They issued me $69.30.

Please avoid this place and save yourself the hassle.
Services used: Transportation