Jun 03, 2006

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Invitations from Ho Tai Printing in San Francisco

Trifold Bilingual Invitation

Chinese Content

English Content

Bilingual RSVP Card
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Stacker Style - Vellum & 3 different cardstocks

All supplies purchased from Michaels.

Program Content
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Robert Gurney
(415) 775-5111

Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring (J.S. Bach)

Seating of the Parents
Canon in D (Johann Pachelbel)

Trumpet Tune (Jeremiah Clarke)

Lighting of Unity Candle
O Perfect Love (Dorothy F. Gurney)

Ode to Joy from 9th Symphony (Ludvig von Beethoven)

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We went to Europe for 2 weeks for our Honeymoon.

Here are the places we visited:
Italy (Rome, Venice, Florence)
France (Nice, Paris)
Monoco (Monte Carlo)
England (London)

We choose a Globus Journeys Tour because it allowed you to visit multiple countries without trying to figure out the logistics of getting from point A to point B and carrying all your luggage yourself. We used Affordable Tours to book the Globus Tour because they were able to offer the same tour at a discounted price as opposed to booking directly with Globus.

Globus Journeys

Affordable Tours

Honeymoon Registry

The Honeymoon

A great idea if you don't need the typical household items. Guests can contribute to airfare, train fare, hotel, meals, siteseeing, etc. At the end you get a check 5 business days before your wedding & another one 1 month after your wedding or sooner if you close out your account before then. This way your guests think that they are giving you something meaningful like 1 night stay at a hotel at your honeymoon destination but you are getting cash that you can use towards your honeymoon or your wedding.
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Here is a link to our wedding album designed by our Photographer:

Wedding Album

Cesar Palima of Artpix Portrait Studio
2006 Wedding Photographer of the Year
Professional Photographers of Sacramento Valley
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Yank Sing Rincon Center
One Rincon Center
101 Spear Street
San Francisco, CA

We choose Yank Sing Rincon Center because while we wanted a traditional 10 course Chinese Banquet, we wanted a contemporary location and a large space. Many Chinese restaurants tend to be cramped and people don't have room to move their chairs, walk around, or see beyond the pillars. Our guests loved the atrium setting as well as the five story rain column that starts from the skylight ceiling to a pool of water on the ground. Yank Sing Rincon Center can accommodate up to 740 people. Even though Yank Sing does charge you to rent the Rincon Atrium and pay a cleaning fee, the cost is a lot less than renting other venues. Since we had an auspicious date, we booked a year and a half in advance (the earliest Yank Sing allows you to reserve).

Some of the things we did to make it more contemporary was to have chair covers & sashes, centerpieces, candles, dee-jay, "Father & Daughter" dance, and cocktail hour (wine bar & hors d'oeuvres- Dim sum & Asian appetizers).

Some of the traditional Chinese things we did were family introductions in English & Chinese, multiple dress changes, Chinese wedding games and table to table toasting.