Jun 26, 2011

Charles Lauren Films
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I cannot even begin to describe how amazing Kelsey and David were and how excited and thankful we are that we had them as members of our wedding team. I was brought to tears and excitement over videos I saw off of their website and immediately wanted to meet with them. After meeting with them, we knew that we wanted them for our wedding. Because we lived in Tx at the time, after we met with them in CA, they mailed us more sample videos. I watched them so many times and knew they were the people we needed to capture our vision and essence of the day. It was SO amazing to be with them. I'd love to say we "worked" with them, but it wasn't work at all. We had David and Kelsey both shooting at our wedding and I would very very very highly recommend everyone do that. What you see on their website is truly what you receive back from them. They are creative, genuine, and truly want to make your video a masterpiece. I consider them a blessing in our lives, especially after so many people were not able to attend our wedding and truthfully - there were so many parts of the wedding that we missed or don't remember, that this video is going to be our lifetime treasure!!! I have seen AWFUL video productions, and helped friends and family members through terrible videographer scenarios... and believe me when I say... There's truly no one better than Charles Lauren Films.
Services used: Videography