Sep 10, 2011

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Used this one for our thank you cards.  The rest will be posted soon!

Engagement Party Pro Pics photo 1

Here are some more!

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The Museum of the Shenandoah Valley Glen Burnie gardens is our ceremony location - Such a beautiful place, check out the website at The reception is going to be held at The George Washington Hotel in Winchester, VA. (pics coming soon)

This is where we want to have light refreshments before the ceremony.

This is where the ceremony will be.

Ceremony Checklist:

  • Pick best chairs
  • Add organza sashes to at least back row
  • Make pomanders
  • Ask if runner is allowed
  • Make runner (if allowed)
  • Finalize pre-ceremony refreshments decor and food choices with 6 Star Catering

Reception Checklist:

  • Order cake topper
  • Decide on cake design
  • Get florist - come up with flower budget
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I came home to a surprise proposal after work today.  Was not expecting it at all!  I can't get over how beautiful the ring is, sooo sparkly!  Here are some pics and the story is below.

It s Offficial I am engaged photo 1It s Offficial I am engaged photo 2

Jason proposed to me on Friday, August 27th when I got home from work before we headed to PA for the weekend.  He told me our dog, Oliver, had made me something.  I'd been trying to learn Adobe Illustrator so I figured it was something showing me what it could do.  He had me go into the living room in front of our window that overlooks midtown Manhattan, and hands me a pink card with my name on it.  I open it up and it is these flat cards, each with a clip art icon on them.

Of course, I am thinking nothing if what the images are.  But there are so many! And I understand some of them to relate to us, but a lot I was just like "what is this?"  I kept asking him "what IS this?"

The next one just has my name on it.  Now I am really confused.

The last one is hand written "Will you marry me?" and he gets down on one knee, asks me, and pulls that GORGEOUS ring out of his pocket, which I proceed to snatch out of his hand immediately.  Then I remember to say yes, start sweating and crying and hopping around the apartment. 

We were both so nervous!  I realized my phone was in the car and wanted to tell everyone IMMEDIATELY but his parents were also coming to PA so I had to keep it a secret from most people until we told them in person.  (because his mom LIVES on facebook, and we didn't want anyone posting anything)

I am so happy to be marrying Jason.  We have been together for 5 years so didn't think it would feel different but it totally does.  Knowing you will have the support of someone who adores you for your WHOLLLEEEEE life is such an amazing feeling!

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