Jun 12, 2008

( 1.0 / 5.0 )
Be careful here. My mother purchased two dresses for my wedding and both turned out to be worthless. The store owner, Kathy, is not familiar with/knowledgeable about the designers she carries. When pressing her with questions about sizing, she had no clue. She assured us that her alterations staff would do a great job on fitting the dress specifically for mom. We requested simple alterations such as hemming, bringing up the shoulder straps, etc. The seamstress, Julie, was awful. The hem was uneven (the bottom of the dress and the shoulder straps), there were holes in seams, lines were uneven, etc. We never should have accepted the dresses, but Kathy and Julie kept pressing us, telling us the dresses looked perfect. When we took the dresses home and tried them on in natural light, they just looked awful and the mistakes were so obvious. Mom was so upset with the dress -on the night before my wedding, she dug through her closet and found an old dress to wear instead. I called Kathy and left a message, complaining about the awful service and the very poor alterations. Of course, I have yet to receive a return phone call. And I doubt that she'll be replacing Julie anytime soon. We spent over $600 on the dress and almost $200 in alterations. The dresses are useless and ugly. I would not want to trust Julie with my $2000+ wedding gown. Her work is sloppy and it's just not worth it. Go to another salon that has a more experienced staff.
Services used: Dress & Attire