Jul 30, 2011

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So we only have a few detail photos, but here are some of the ones we have so far:



What I'd said before the wedding:

Random 'deets!

I like the idea of doing a photo montage (something like the below photo, but with different colors/frames) of family member's wedding photos and maybe some of our personal, "couple-y" photos.

Details photo 1


I also love the idea of putting the place cards in a "frame" (like the photo below from

Details photo 2

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I feel bad, but we don't have that many photos of the groomsman yet! They wore black tuxes with white shirts and teal vests/ties. Here's our one photo of the groom's best man:


What I'd mentioned before the wedding:

We have 5 bridesmaids and 5 groomsmen in our bridal party.

The girls will be wearing an Alfred Angelo dress - style 7041S in "Tealness" with black heels of their choosing. We haven't really decided on hair and makeup (each of the girls have such different hairstyles and makeup tastes that they may just end up doing their own). Groomsmen will wear black tuxes and shoes, white shirts and teal vests/ties.

Bridesmaids Groomsmen photo 1

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We went with a very simple, fairly traditional three-tier round cake with teal ribbon, white "beads" and flowers that matched the centerpieces and bridesmaids' bouquets. For our flavors, we chose Red Velvet, Lemon with Lemon Custard filling and a White cake with Raspberry Ganache. We only got to try one bite during our cake cutting - we never had time to sit down and eat more cake :( how sad!, but our one bite was delicious!








What I said before the wedding:

I'm thinking something fairly simple for the cake. We may end up doing cupcakes to save some money, but here are some photos of ones that I've found and like:




1. (Left) LOVE this - pretty and simple! (Right) Maybe something like something like this :)

Cake photo 1   Cake photo 2


2. (Left & Right) I basically love all of Le Cupcake's cupcakes :)

Cake photo 3  Cake photo 4



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My fiance and I got engaged on July 4th, 2009, but we decided to save up money and wait until July 2011 for our wedding, so I didn't want to become a crazy Bridezilla type by obsessing over dresses. I waited until after Christmas '09 to start looking and I found my dress almost right after I started looking online.

I didn't think that the dress looked that pretty in the thumbnail, but I couldn't see much detail so I clicked anyway to get a better view and, of course, I LOVED it. Talk about obsession. I had to wait until May for anyone local to get in a sample so I could try it on! And then I ended up waiting even longer - why, I don't know! Anywho, I made an appointment in June and tried a bunch of other dresses on first (just to make sure!) and then I tried "my" dress on...... I loved it! STILL.

So about four dress appointments, many other dresses, and 2 color choices later, I decided that it was still, definitely, "the one." I love it so much, I might put it on a few times a year just for the heck of it ;)





Maggie Sottero Catarina in Ivory over Oyster (without the optional flower strap)



1. (Left) Front view of me in the ivory over oyster (color I ordered) - They had shoved a bolster pillow down the back of the dress to make it tight "in all the right places." Sorta funny. (Right) close-up of the front in ivory 

The Dress photo 1 The Dress photo 2


 2. (Left) The back; This is from when I tried an ivory sample, but I ordered the oyster over ivory. (Right) Back, top; ivory color - it has little crystal buttons running down the back, but the clamps cover them.

The Dress photo 3 The Dress photo 4



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I am NOT a "girly-girl" at all, so I had a very hard time figuring out what I'd wanted to do, but I ultimately decided that I wanted to leave my hair curly and put it in an up-do to show off the sexy, low back of my dress. I set up a trial with Lucy-Zayne of Flawless Beauty and absolutely loved my hair and makeup!




What I'd said before the wedding:

My dress is finally at home with me, so I'm starting to search for the look that I'd like to have for the Big day :) I'm very excited to do some hair/makeup trials!

My hair is naturally curly (and I know that I don't want to wear my hair straight) so one of my first thoughts is to either wear my hair half up and curly with a flower in the back or to do a soft-looking, loose updo with curls and a flower. For makeup, I like fairly natural looks. I do like the smokey eye look, so maybe I'll try a soft version of that, but I generally wear eyeliner, mascara and chapstick and that's about it, so I don't want to venture too far from that!



I'm almost positive that I want to do something like one of these:



Other inspiration/ideas:

1. (Left) Taylor Swift's loose, curly up-do. (Right) Jessica Alba's braided up-do

Hair Makeup photo 1 Hair Makeup photo 2


2. (Left) Half-up with flower; photo by Ed Pingol Photography. (Right) Soft, swept back look.

Hair Makeup photo 3 Hair Makeup photo 4


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We've only received a few photos of the flowers so far, but here they are!:



The short centerpieces that were on half the tables:

Short centerpieces on half the table 

(Photo by Alison Yin)


The tall centerpieces on half of the tables:



My bouquet:




The bridesmaids bouquets:

(Photo by Alison Yin)


Bridesmaid's bouquet close up:


For ceremony decor, we had purple pomanders hanging on the ceremony chairs but I don't have photos yet :(




What I had said before the wedding:

I love, love, LOVE peonies. This posed a problem for me seeing as how they are not in season around our wedding date. I nearly cried when I found out (and I'm only sort of kidding when I say that). I've had a hard time coming up with flower ideas because basically ALL of the flowers that I am in love with (peonies, ranunculus, anemones, etc.) aren't summer flowers. Go figure.

Sooo... after changing colors/flowers about a million times, we are going with jewel-toned flowers to match the bridesmaids' teal dresses - it's quite possibly going to look like a rainbow threw up on the reception tables (but in a good way!).



1. Half of the tables will have tall, clear pilsner vases with a rounded/leveled arrangement of peacock feathers, purples, burgundy, dark blue, and greens using assorted 'bridal' flowers and other season flowers, including hanging amaranthis. The other half will be low and lush round vases filled with the same flower types. The flowers will look very similar to this, but with clear vases and no crystals:



(above: photo rights [and compliments!] belong to Lisa Richmond - photographer)



My bridal bouquet will be a hand-tied bouquet of white roses, white mini cymbidiums, white lisianthus, and a light frame of camilla, tied up with ivory satin and chiffon and pearl pins.

The bridesmaids will carry a bouquet of the same flowers that will be in the centerpieces, hand-tied with teal satin and chiffon ribbon to go with their teal dresses, very similar to these:



We are in the process of deciding our ceremony decor, but we don't have to decide until about a month before the wedding so we have plenty of time. Here are some of our ideas:

1. LOVE this for arbor decorations! Crystal garland/roses from user MauiBrideMD on

 Flowers photo 5 Flowers photo 6


2. Hanging flowers under ceremony arbor (photos from user m4rcla):

 Flowers photo 7 Flowers photo 8


3. Aisle decor - pomanders and petals (thanks to user m4rcla - photo by Janae Sheilds photography)

Flowers photo 9


6. DIY pomanders that my FMIL and I made (1 hour - glue gun, 4" foam ball, (40) 3.5" flowers, 24" ribbon, 2 sewing pins) this was our test run, not sure if we want to pursue the "real thing" yet.

Flowers photo 10


5. Arbor decor - hanging bud vases & decorative balls of wood/twine; photos by Ed Pingol photography

Flowers photo 11 Flowers photo 12