Aug 20, 2010

( 1.0 / 5.0 )
If you want a good example about how to make your customers mad and not get repeat business, try out American Limousine. We hired them for our wedding and they told us the charge was going to be $199. The service was fine, but we went 10 minutes over and the driver said it was no problem.. Apparently it was "no problem" for him, because when we checked our credit card statement, we were charged an additional 100 dollars.

We though.. Ok, no problem. Probably just a mistake.. We called their customer service, and they told us that additional 100 dollars was a prorated amount for the hour...They also said that it's not up to the driver how much they charge.-- which is absolutely ridiculous, and basically means anything goes! So let me do the math in my head, 100 dollars for 10 minutes.. That comes out 10 dollars a minute. Which means, if we went over 1 hour, it would have been an additional 600 dollars, and if we went over 25 minutes, it would have been an additional 250 dollars... It seems to me that my high school counselor should have been fired for NOT recommending me to become a limo driver-- 600 dollars an hour.. psh. I've been robbed.

This company seems like a scam and I feel what they did was down right criminal. We could have got ran into traffic, and who knows how much the bill could have gone up to? It's not like we told the driver to change where we were going, or pickup extra people. We didn't abuse the upholstery or make a big mess. I don't blame the driver, he was great-- I blame the company. If I could rate this company with negative stars, consider this review to have negative 5 stars.

Edit: Aug, 21, 2010
Called to complain again today, and apparently the rate wasn't "prorated" (so it wouldn't have been 600 dollars an hour). They said that they charged us for the entire 3 hours and the driver noted that we didn't tip. We informed the representative on the phone that we were quoted 199 which includes tax and gratuity. The representative said, well, that's only a 10% tip (... as if we knew?). So which is it!?!?!? Did American Limousine charge us the extra 100 dollars for the tip, or the extra 10 minutes (rounding up to the next hour)? It was interesting because once we informed the CSR (customer service representative) that they advertised that $199 was with tax and tip included, the CSR tried to back peddle and said.. oh.. well. that's just a note from the driver. First of all, how are we suppose to know that it's only a 10% tip!? When you advertise: "tax and tip included", you don't expect to pay anything more because the company has put in enough thought to how much they want to charge. I don't go to a restaurant and think, "Hey.. 8.25% is too low for tax.. I want to help California and pay 20% sales tax."

In addition, we pointed out to the representative that for the last 10 minutes, we were sitting in a valet line and the driver said that it was okay. We could have easily exited the limo, and apparently, ended the ride. Instead, we took the driver's word, and figured it was ok to sit in the limo. The representative, once again, said that it was not up to the driver. This makes no sense! The driver is an employee of the company, and he is speaking on behalf of the company. If it's not up to the driver (who is an employee of the company), then by that same logic, it's not up to the representative who I'm on the phone with (who is also an employee of the company).

Another interesting thing the CSR rep said was that, weddings reservations always run long. This implies to me that:
1. The company was expecting (or betting on us) going over, in order to charge us extra.
2. They weren't up front about their policies and charging procedures.

Dealing with this company in the beginning and during the ride was great, but after the ride, this company turned super shady. They seem to charge customers however they please with no accordance to a real set policy. What sucks is that we could have easily hired another local company for 235 dollars (tax and tip included), for 3 hours! ...Again the driver was great, the company is super shady.
Services used: Transportation
We are sorry for your dissatisfaction with our services. American Limo prides itself in providing excellent wedding transportation services for over 20 years now. You seemed to be happy with the driver, the vehicle and the service but not the fact that your event went long and your overtime charges. We offered you a one hour wedding transfer for 175.00, a two hour wedding transfer for 199.00 and a 4 hour wedding transfer for 260.00. Per your contract if you go over your scheduled end time, which you did by 18 minutes according to the Teletrak on the limo, you will be billed for an additional hour of service. We bill by the full hour and your event went beyond the scheduled end time by 18 minutes. This cuts into the time for the driver to adequately prepare the limo for the next wedding or causes dispatch to have to send another driver and limo to cover the next wedding because yours went long. The limo has to attend other weddings and it is only yours for the time that you reserve it for. It is the client’s responsibility to reserve the limo for the correct amount of hours since the client is the only person who has this information. You were told this verbally and in writing. You signed that you understood the contract which you had in your possession for a month before your wedding and you also signed for the final end time stating that you knew that you were being dropped off beyond your scheduled end time. By no means is it our intention to deceive you as you stated. The contract clearly states a pickup time and an end time. You went beyond your scheduled end time because your wedding was running late and you did not enter the limo until 40 minutes past your scheduled start time. The limo needs to return to base and be cleaned and restocked for its next wedding after yours. When you called you said that you should not have to pay for overtime since you did not get into the limo until 40 minutes after your scheduled end time. You also stated that you were under the impression that your time did not start until you entered the limo. Your time started at the scheduled pick up time and ended at the scheduled end time. If you go beyond that time, which you confirmed that you did verbally and by signing the final end time, then you will be billed an additional hour. I do not believe that we deceived you in any way since you signed the contract stating you understood the terms of service and you signed it on 3 different occasions agreeing that you understood. You signed it when you made the booking, you signed it upon the driver’s arrival and you signed it when the driver dropped you off and asked you to sign for the final end time. I politely ask you to retract your statement since it is not factual. If anything, please classify it correctly because you state that you were satisfied with the quality of services, the responsiveness, the professionalism, the value of cost and the flexibility but you were not satisfied with your final billing due to your event going past the scheduled end time.