Aug 28, 2011

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My Flower Girl dress have been ordered! It fits perfectly!

I got her some cute hair pins for her hair. I think anything else will be a little too much.

All she needs is her basket, shoes and socks!

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Let them Eat Cake a Pretty Cake photo 1

Here is my inspiration! I cant wait to see what it will actually look like! The brooch will not be a butterfly and the ribbon will probably be a light lavender.

Flavors are....drum roll PLEASE

Vanilla cake with cannoli cream AND the second layer will be Vanilla and chocolate cake with Fudge. So YUMMY!

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Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf is my favorite parfume of all time. I simply adore so without a doubt this is what I'll be wearing the day of.

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Well its back to Mexico we go! The FI and I loved it so much we decided to head back for our honeymoon. I am so excited!!

I plan on wearing white every night for Dinner :) Hey, if I cant wear my dress at least I can wear white! (I'll be wearing the dresses with my wedding shoes. Many brides never have the opportunity to wear their lovely wedding shoes again, so I am taking this opportunity to wear them out!)

 I'll need 5 dresses, here is what I have so far.


The Honeymooners photo 1The Honeymooners photo 2


2. This is my Exit Dress and I will be wearing during dinner in Mexico as well.

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 UPDATE!!! Unfortunately, I miss the sale on the Chandon so I decided to give mini bottles of Haitian Rum instead!

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