Jan 22, 2011

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My fiance is adorable. The proposal was very laid back and real, it was perfect. I'll let the pictures do the talking:

The Proposal photo 1

The Proposal photo 2

The Proposal photo 3


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Here it is! The ladies picked it out and they all look lovely

Bridesmaids Dresses photo 1Bridesmaids Dresses photo 2


It's Style 626 from Watters

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This is my main man, Peanutbutter el hijo de Juan Carlos, Esq. (aka "Peanut"). He's deaf, chubby, asthmatic, and over all, a gentleman.

The Pup photo 1

He's also a scholar:

The Pup photo 2

and an adventurer:

The Pup photo 3

And on occassion, an angry bee:

The Pup photo 4

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Since our wedding it as a ranch, we're going for a rustic/vintage look. I love all things natural and organic, and don't want anything to have a stuffy feel to it. That being said, I hate pinning myself into "colors," but if I have to, I'll say my colors are green, white, and grey. Here are some pictures that have inspired me

Inspriation photo 1

Inspriation photo 2

Inspriation photo 3

Inspriation photo 4

Inspriation photo 5

Inspriation photo 6

Inspriation photo 7

Inspriation photo 8


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So I ran accross this caketopper on the knot, fell in love, and then found it on rainsend's shope on Etsy. Adorable

. DIY Caketopper photo 1

However, it was a little pricey, so I decided to give making it myself a go. First, I had to figure what the heck the birds were made of. That took some time, but ultimately I decided they were needle felted. So, then I thought, how the heck do you needle felt? But you know who has answers to questions like these. That's right. Martha Stewart.




With that in mind, I commenced to make my own little birdie caketoppers. A few hours (and only a few finger pokes) later, whala! (sorry for the crappy camera work, they're really cute in person)

DIY Caketopper photo 2




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