Oct 15, 2011

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We've created a wedding blog for our friends and family to keep track of the planning process, learn about the wedding details, and keep up with our busy lives even after we get married. 

Check it out at: 


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Until recently, we were planning on having our wedding in a family member's backyard in Tahoe City, Calif. Due to some unexpected dilemmas, we began searching for a new location. Chris found the Old Sugar Mill online, and we both instantly fell in love. The Old Sugar Mill is in Clarksburg, Calif. The mill is just eight minutes outside of downtown Sacramento on the delta, surrounded by vineyards and with TONS of history. 



The Old Sugar Mill was founded in 1897 in Logan, Utah. When the factory closed in 1933 d ue to drought, the entire mill was moved piece by piece via railroad to Clarksburg, Calif. The mill opened in California in 1935, and continued to be the most prosperous mill in the state until it closed in 1993. In 2000, the Carvalho family made plans to renovate the building for a wine crush, wine tasting and for hosting events. 




We both were immediately infatuated with the uniqueness and the history of the location. Sunday morning we were able to get a tour of the site, and booked our wedding date the next day. It is so beautiful, and the wine is oh so good! 

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Boy meets girl at work. 
Boy and girl fall in love. 
Girl quits job. 
Boy and girl date.
Boy proposes to girl. 
Boy and girl will soon be man and wife. 
And so our story goes. 

Our Story photo 1

Her Story: 
It didn’t take long for me to fall for Chris. The blonde hair, blue-eyed hottie looked pretty good in those tight kakis and green Starbucks apron. While I tried to play it cool around him, I occasionally lost it. For those of you that do not know our puppy, Kali, she goes a bit crazy whenever Chris or I come home. The second we walk in the front door, she starts her routine. She stands on the top of the sofa and wags her tail so hard she widdles everywhere. Then she jumps off the couch, a little pee trail following her wherever she goes, and jumps as high as she can. “Hey! Look at me! Look at me jump! Hi! Hey! Can I have a treat?!” Then she starts running circles around the living room and kitchen, stopping occasionally to bite at our pants or drop off a toy or two. Kali takes after her momma. 

At work I did everything I could to get Chris’ attention or make some excuse for an interaction. “Hey Chris, my arms are really sore today because I work out a lot. Think you could help me with this milk carton?” or “Chris, I’m having a hard time making this Cappuccino. Could you show me how?” And if we didn’t work together, I always had a reason to come in during his shift. I never got internet access at my apartment so that I had to use Starbucks Wi-Fi. And I would purposely forget to pick up my paychecks so that I could come into work on his shifts. So, maybe I didn’t play it so cool… 

Eventually I found reasons to see him outside of work. I was working on a project at my apartment and needed a drill. (Get your mind out of the gutter, I mean the power tool.) I secretly already had one… he still doesn’t know that. He started coming over a couple nights out of the week to help me with my projects, and he continued to once the projects were completed. Then one day in January, Chris told me he was ready for this, that he was ready to take it to the next step. I nodded and smiled, not quite sure what he meant by that and too shy to ask. About a month later I finally got my answer when he took me went to his cousin’s house and he introduced me as his girlfriend. 

A year and a half later, here we are, consumed with a makes-everybody-else-gag kind of love. The kind of love that I always hated on Oxygen movies because of how unrealistic it was. The kind of cliché love that I can’t imagine being without. Chris has shown me that maybe the idea of Prince Charming isn’t so harmful after all. Maybe there no such thing as Mr. Perfect, but I have found the Mr. Perfect-for-Me, and there isn’t a person in this world that makes me happier than him.

His Story: 
It was love at first sight after I saw her make her first latte. I followed my father's foot steps and met my future wife at my place of work. At the time I wasn't looking for a serious relationship, but she changed all of that. 

Brittany is the one that I have been waiting for to find and I have Starbucks Coffee company to thank for it. Brittany always wanted an antique ring with old diamonds. My Aunt was nice enough to give me my Grandmothers wedding ring, and I used the diamonds from that ring to make the ring I gave to Brittany. I had the ring for a few months and was waiting for the right moment to propose. 

I decided to plan a trip to Big Surr and I planned on doing it there. Everything was fine up until a few days before when I could just tell that she knew something was up. I was determined to make it a surprise, so I decided to propose before the trip. 

The night before we left, we had some friends over for dinner and I managed to get away with the help of my friends and secretly get the ring in a fortune cookie. Apparently fortune cookies take a while to dry after putting them in a microwave. Our solution to this was to just dump a little water in the bag with all of the fortune cookies and just tell her that some water spilled on all of them. Not the best plan ever, but it was all we had at the moment. After a lot of persuasion, we were able to get her to open up the cookie and I then proposed to her.