Sep 22, 2012

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How we met

Eddie and I met when we were 12 years old and really did not talk to each other just said hi really. Eddie got along better with my brother Carlos and they were friends since our parents helped out at Cathedral church. We secretly had a crush on each other we have come to find out. Many years went by and we lost track of each other until 2007. Little did we know that destiny would put us back together to start our new lives. I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason. Eddie was hired at Western Iowa Tech Community College as a Safety Coordinator and I was currently working there. I had the opportunity to see him again from their it all started......and have been together ever since...How we met Our Engagement photo 1


The Day We got Engaged


How we got engaged

How did he pop the question???? Well if you all know Eddie he is a true romantic at heart and true surpriser... I knew that whenever he would do it I would be in complete surprisement.... and I was How we met Our Engagement photo 2 It all started on Tuesday 6/29 when we flew out of the Omaha airport to go on our yearly vacation with my family to Puerto Vallarta. We arrived on Tuesday and some time on Tuesday Eddie had asked my dad along with my brothers for my hand in marriage... yes sneaky... of course my dad and brothers said yes. So Thursday comes along and we go through the day enjoying the beautiful scenery and weather and the night rolls around and it is mexican fiesta night at our hotel so of course their is Mariachi playing... Some how while we were watching the nightly show Eddie along with my dad request special permission from the hotel to allow the mariachi to play for us for an hour. So we walked to the area we wanted them to play  with my family and his family that had to come to see us at the hotel and the mariachi starts walking toward us they line up across from me and the song Hermoso Carino begins to play and Eddie gets closer to me whips out this most  beautiful ring and asks me if I would marry him? of course I was in complete shock and the only words that came out of my mouth not once but twice were are you serious??? after the second time Eddie asked so is that a yes? I said yes of course!!! and that is our story of how we were engaged.....