Jun 27, 2010

Voila' Mobile Spa
( 0.0 / 5.0 )
I will NEVER recommend this vendor to anyone. As another review stated, Linda does not communicate with her employees very well, as was evident when she admitted that to my Fiance during a phone call.

This company has ruined our wedding day photography. They left me in agony wondering if they would have us done on time for our wedding photography that was scheduled before the ceremony. Linda waited until 1 week before the wedding to speak with my Fiance to assure us they would have more than one person there. That day, we had 2 hair/makeup ladies there for us. The seconday lady left within 45 minutes, she did not complete the Bridal Party that she had been hired to complete, and left us running 10 minutes late into our ceremony. Linda and Corine fired that lady that same day. However, with our extreme upset that we have no Bride or Bridal party shots from the wedding day at all--they have now changed their story about what we paid for and what was supposedly "free"--services we did pay for but Corine insists those services were free and we should be so happy, have insulted me through email, are denying that they have done anything wrong to us, now insist that the second lady was only hired to do the Flowergirls and ignore the fact that she did my Mother's makeup and my oldest daughter's makeup and began to do my daughter's hair until she learned it was braided. They have also deleted our review on their website because it was negative. They have taken one day, planned over 3 years, with a lot of money invested--and ran us late, left us with a large chunk of photography never to be taken and now no wedding album--unless the Bride is left out of it, and they refuse to take credit for what happened and even had the gull to tell my Fiance to come back again.

They are understaffed and overbooked, rude, lie, and all they care about is keeping your money. They show no care or compassion when it counts. I would have recommended them to anyone until 3 weeks before our wedding. It was at that time that they began rescheduling our services, tried to bump it up past our wedding date, then ignored my concerns about having enough employees present to get us done in time for photography. They screwed up our wedding morning, our photography that cost $2,000 and have forced us to forget the wedding album we had paid for because we just can't have one that doesn't have the "other half" of the Bride and Groom in it. They have destroyed any good memories of that day for me--they refuse to acknowledge what they have done to me, they refuse to refund us any money that we have asked--and all Linda will do is insist that they did a good job, bent over backwards to make us happy and then asked for us to be return customers. PLEASE do NOT use this vendor.
Services used: Beauty & Health, Unique Services