Jul 02, 2011

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So at first I wanted to only include my neice and nephew from both brothers during the wedding ceremony. Then I started thinking about how hard it would be to have both of them walking down the aisle by themselves. If I were MJ (flower girl) I would be in shock as a 3 year old having everyone stare at me. This got me thinking about what would have made ME most comfortable as a little girl. Having both my brothers walk down the aisle with me would make me most comfortable so that is what I decided to do. I decided to include all my nephews and my neice during my wedding ceremony. 5 in total.

MJ (Flower girl)  will walk down with her oldest brother Ollie & Loggie (Ring Bearer) will walk down with his older brother Bran and Elli.

The boys will hold this sign. Another DIY project to add on the list :)

Including my family photo 1  Including my family photo 2 Including my family photo 3

The boys will be wearing a tux and loggie will wear his little outfit with suspenders :)

Including my family photo 4

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My B-session was affordable (didn't want to spend over 200) and amazing. I got to keep all the photos on a cd so I could make my future hub a shutterfly book :)

Here are just a few...



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My girls + mom





Little Party

I have 4 nephews and 1 neice. I wanted ALL of them in the wedding ceremony and it turned out beautiful

DIY Sign

Ring Bearer

All my Nephews


Bridal Party Together



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Favors: Ray is a huge home brewer and I am proud to say he makes some awesome beer. For our favors he will be brewing his favorite beer - apricot - and I will be putting together our labels.This will save us a ton of money considering it only costs us $50 worth of yeast, brew materials to produce over 130 beers. We will then attach a little thank you tag.

Wedding Favors photo 1 Wedding Favors photo 2



March 2011

Our beer labels! Design by the bride and brewed by the groom.

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Cake: Our cake will incorporate different designs in the different layers. Our cake is included with our venue and we got to choose up to two flavors and got to choose the design. I am every excited

Cake photo 1  Cake photo 2

Our tasting January 15, 2011

  <-- excited!

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I do have the cutest flower girl in the world - MJ! At first we wanted her to wear a cute ivory dress with yellow sash and yellow bows but decided against it! I wanted her to match the bridesmaids and we finally found her dress. Her sash will have all my blues :)

Here she is trying on her dress


 Here is my little ring bearer's outfit