Jul 02, 2011

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I designed my STD's on Shutterfly. I used my target $20 off code and only paid a $17.80 for 60 5x7 cards! 


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Shades of blue.. Shades of Yellow.. Shades of Silver                                



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Our Engagement Photoshoot was taken by the wonder Sarah Lee Welch Photography. Sarah is great, young, fun and loves what she does. She took her time taking our photographs and loved shooting us! Ray is a very outdoorsy guy so we decided to take our photoshoot in Estes Park Colorado. The photos came out beautiful. We are also HUGE football fans (Go Broncos) so we personalized it a bit. Here are a few favorits of mine!

 Engagement Photoshoot photo 1 Engagement Photoshoot photo 2 Engagement Photoshoot photo 3

Engagement Photoshoot photo 4 Engagement Photoshoot photo 5  Engagement Photoshoot photo 6Engagement Photoshoot photo 7 

Engagement Photoshoot photo 8  Engagement Photoshoot photo 9

Engagement Photoshoot photo 10    Engagement Photoshoot photo 11

Our newspaper announcement!

 Boy, has a lot changed since this was put together, good!

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                    Please add me as a friend to view my entire bio! I like to keep certain things private!  

                   Mountain Man proposes to Jersey Girl photo 1


Ray and I met through a mutual friend. We both thought we were seeing other people so we never got to have a real conversation together. His room mate had a crush on me and I thought he was dating some random girl. One drunk dancing night Ray and I were at the same bar in our town when he grabbed me and told me how he felt about me and how he has been letting his room mate know how much he wants him to set us up! I was in shock because I felt the same way but our mutual friend (the room mate) didn't want to see us together. Well, his plan didn't work because FATE found us that drunken night and we have been inseperable since that day.

How I got the RING: FI and I planned a cabin trip for MDW 2010. This was nothing out of the ordinary because he is Mr. colorado and loved shooting, hiking, and camping. He decided to take a different trail then our usual one which was nice, but I was a bit nervous. I am Miss Jersey and being outdoors alone -- gave me the creeps -- I always feel like there are mountain lions watching us and are waiting to attack us! I kept looking around making sure nothing was following us. Ray also seemed really nervous during the hike. The funny part is that him being nervous made me SUPER NERVOUS. Once we got to the top of the mountain he got on one knee and proposed. there was a beautiful sunset :)

                                                 Mountain Man proposes to Jersey Girl photo 2

                                     Mountain Man proposes to Jersey Girl photo 2

                                                                Mountain Man proposes to Jersey Girl photo 3

                                              Mountain Man proposes to Jersey Girl photo 3

                                                                   Mountain Man meets Jersey Girl

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The engagment party was close family and friends only. My mom just set up her new back patio for this event and the day couldn't have been more beautiful! I did a lot of DIY projects including my stirrer sticks featured in the picture below. I used address labels and bought plastic stirrer sticks. Everyone loved the little details. My camera died quickly and didn't get to take a lot of photos.

    The Engagement Party photo 1                      The Engagement Party photo 2 


This is the beer label we used for all our bottles. The FI brewed an amber ale.