Aug 01, 2010

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Well, it finally happened.  I have moved on from my last relationship.  I am currently dating someone else.

I was told that it NEVER works out when you reconcile with an ex.  It didn't work out for me, but I am glad that I did it.  Who knows if the stars were aligned maybe it would have worked out? 

I can see how it wouldn't work out, but bottom line is that we were not meant to be.

He still calls.  Sometimes I answer.  A lot of times I don't.  Bottom line I am moving on and doing what it takes to make myself happy.

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I am in a peculiar situation.  I have been engaged to the man.  We are back together.  I am not officially pre-engaged.  So, I think that I like the term pre-re-engaged.

Anyway I am really trying not to be pressed about an engagement.  'tis difficult.  Over the holidays, my family was all like, "Soooooooooooo....2010?"  or "I need to know so that I can start losing weight".  I was mortified.  It is bad enough that I am totally emptying bread baskets and sifting through my meals with a fork, waiting on "special engagement desserts", or anxiously looking crazy whenever he wants to go to the mall.  

The Pre Re Engaged Blues photo 1


I took a brief break from the wedding board because I kept having the "when is it gonna be my turn" moment?  We discuss our future and we are on the same page.   I know what the plan is.  I knew this when I re-signed up for it.  But I can't help but hope that the plan changes.

Oh to add insult to injury...I picked up my gown yesterday.  I had it delivered to my mother's house.  She gave me a serious side eye when she saw the RK Bridal box.  I didn't even open it in front of her.  She said, "We will discuss later."  

The gown is gorgeous.  It is a golden color.  It is perfect for my skin coloring.  I am definitely going to carry a light pink bouquet and wear fabulous pink shoes when we marry in front of our fifty close friends and family members. ;)

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I know…I can’t stand pretentious people either.  :)


OK.  In my every day life, I am pretty simple.  I don’t do trends.  I prefer quality over quantity.  So, I approached this whole wedding thing with the same degree of pragmatism that I use in everyday life.  We said, “We will spend the money where it counts.”  That means upgraded food and drinks, platinum bands, and upgraded honeymoon.  I vowed that I would look for lower costs for other things – invitations, dresses and florals and any extras would go towards food and drinks.  Oh yeah.  I am conspiracy theorist.  I firmly believe that the wedding industry is a billion dollar industry based solely on emotions.


Well, I am on dress #3.  Second, I have a whole collection of veils, shoes, purses, and headpieces.  Third, I have this collection of “pretty things”.  This is where I confess to those sins.  ‘cause I have a feeling that I am going to be horrendously over budget.


Toasting Flutes

Why buy “wedding toasting flutes” when I have a set of really nice flutes in the cabinets?  Well, I bought the Vera Wang Love Knots.  I had to have them because they are soooo romantic.  LOL  I wasn't even going to do a champagne toast, but now we are going to have one.  I squealed when they arrived and pretended to drink out of them...with the plastic still on it. 

The Accoutrements photo 1

Lenox Cake Set

I might actually get them engraved.  *gasp*

*I'll post the picture later*

Silver Urns for Centerpieces

Apparently my inner bridal diva is very traditional.  I am envisioning these urns filled with pink or white carnations. 

The Accoutrements photo 2

Favor Boxes

I said that I wouldn't do any favors.  However, I thought, "Hmmm..Those are whimsical.  They would be so cute at the CANDY BAR."  Yes divas.  I am thinking about a candy bar.  At the very least, I will fill them with a local cookie fave - Scotch Oatmeal cookies.  I am going to do a black satin or silk ribbon with a hang tag.

The Accoutrements photo 3

Stay tuned for more pictures and descriptions. :)

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Here's my vision board (is that what it is called?).  I am going to do a black, beige, and light pink color scheme.  That makes me happy.  Also, it allows me to make use of the damask and black stuff that I own without having to scrap it and start over. 

The 2010 Wedding photo 1

Simple, elegant, and sweet is the theme here.  I will do my invitations, but outside of that I don't really have a lot of time to do DIY stuff.  So, if I can't buy it or outsource it, then it won't be done.   But honestly, I can't think of a lot of things that need to be done. :)

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Attire The Bride s photo 1

Clockwise from top
Earrings from Cocktail Bling
Grace Talia shoes
Dana Saylor Bracelet
Wtoo Lucia
Occansey Designs Veil
Toni Federici headpiece

My gown is Ecru which is a candlelight color.  I will definitely need new shoes!  My veil is diamond white.  I wonder if I can get away with that.  If not, then I will buy a dark ivory veil from Occansey.

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On Thursday, my co-worker and I went to a bridal store so that I can try on the Wtoo Penelope.  That DID NOT work.  UGH!  I am a d-cup.  My boobs looked YUGE in that gown.  Not an attractive huge.  I looked wide and I felt that the ruffles were hitting my chin.  Um.  No.

While I was there, I tried on this gown - Wtoo Lucia. :)

It Happened I Bought A Gown photo 1

I liked it.  It is good for my body type.  I liked the sweep train.  I thought it was totally appropriate for someone of my, ahem, age.  Plus...I looked skinny.  I also like the detail.

It Happened I Bought A Gown photo 2

Oh yeah.  It is taffeta.  My prom dress was taffeta, but this is different.

Here are a couple of runway photos.  She is modeling the ivory color.

It Happened I Bought A Gown photo 3

It Happened I Bought A Gown photo 4

I called Pearl's Place and it is cheap!  So, I did a price match + 5% through RK Bridal.  I bought it for a song! :)  I was torn because the man at Pearl's Place was really nice.  I have heard that he is the only nice thing about Pearl's Place.  LOL  But ultimately, I am all about the bottom line. ;)

I ordered it in Ecru (an antique/champagne) color.  Man.  I love that color!  It is a definite beige color.  Very antiquish.

The only change that I am going to make is to get a slight sweetheart made at the top.  My alterations lady does a wonderful job, so I will use her for this!

Cart.  No horse.

10/21 (Update) - After five days, I finally got confirmation of the order from RK Bridal.  I wanted to do a price match plus 5% through them.  That required them calling Pearl's Place to verify the pricing (which was $150 less than what they quoted me).  But it is ordered.