Sep 20, 2013

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So I finally got FI to agree on cupcakes with a top tier of an actual cake for us to cut. Here are inspirations for the top tier and the cupcake set up.

Let Them Eat CAKE photo 1Let Them Eat CAKE photo 2

              ^^just the top two for our cutting cake^^

Some cupcake cakes I've found on google:

Let Them Eat CAKE photo 3         Let Them Eat CAKE photo 4   Let Them Eat CAKE photo 5

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We finally chose a venue! Rivercrest Catering in Rochester Hills, MI! Here are some pictures;

Venue is Chosen and Date is Set photo 1 <<is the outdoor ceremony space :) ill post the pictures we took when we went as soon as my step-dad uploads them! Therefore, we chose our date too!

September 21, 2012

(1 day after our 9 year anniversary!)

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Since I let FI choose the colors (he was NOT backing down). So are colors are Lapis (a blue hued purple) & a bright green (similar to clover). These are as close as I could get:

A Vintage Fall Love Affair photo 1A Vintage Fall Love Affair photo 2

Since the wedding is in early October were hoping our Michigan weather will be at least 60ish so we can have the ceremony outdoors. I love the fall colors & want a sort of rustic look, which is why were hoping to get the Myth golf course in MI as our ceremony & reception site:

A Vintage Fall Love Affair photo 3A Vintage Fall Love Affair photo 4

We'd also like to incorporate pumpkins & leaves since its fall. Pumpkins being used as some centerpieces & I wanted to use leaves somehow but haven't found anything yet. Perhaps flowers like this would tie in the fall colors?

A Vintage Fall Love Affair photo 5A Vintage Fall Love Affair photo 6

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So of course as soon as I found out we were engaged I wanted to go dress shopping, but, I was four months pregnant. Not that it stopped me! Me & my best friend went out shopping for fun. Then this August after I'd lost most of the baby weight we started really shopping. Obviously I don't intend to buy til next summer/fall but my OCD planner self had to look now! We started in Frankenmuth at a boutique where I quickly learned a few things; don't judge the dress off the hanger (try it on!), I didn't like white on my skin tone, & no sheaths or ball gowns for me.

The dress I fell in love with @ the boutique is more plain than I thought but I loved its vintage feel. Its Impressions 2952 (although its in blush on the website). I was worried about the fit (but then again it didnt have a slip under it & was too big) things that would be taken care of if purchased.

The Dress Search Is ON photo 1The Dress Search Is ON photo 2The Dress Search Is ON photo 3

Then the following weekend we went to Davids bridal & I actually liked a dress with straps (although I don't thin Ill be getting this one since fiancee hates straps :P )  And I loved how tiny it made my waist look! However,  the dress has beading across the chest and since Im large chested I don't want all people see is my cleavage!

The Dress Search Is ON photo 4The Dress Search Is ON photo 5The Dress Search Is ON photo 6

It will just depend how my mother (who's paying for the dress) feels about the first dress when i take her to see it.

And so the search continues....

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FI & I met eight years ago in middle school. We are total opposites but balance each other out. He loves metal, I love country. He hates school, I love the smell of books. You get the picture. At first we were friends then when we got to high school we decided we wanted to be more than that. Our first date was Sept 20,2003 to see Freaky Friday (I totally still have the ticket :D)

Although were so different we do have the same love of music, long talks, and family. We started our own when we found out in Jan 2010 that we were unexpectedly expecting! On Valentine's Day while we were lying in bed looking at our ultrasound of our daughter, he pulled the ring out of his pocket and proposed. And of course, I said YES!


This is my gorgeous ring that FI got from my granny, it was very meaningful that he ask her and that my ring came from her great collection of jewels.

We re Getting Married photo 1