May 23, 2009

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Our Ceremony located inside the Estate Room of the Palm Event Center!

My nonPRO PICS photo 1

The flowers! by Nicole Ha!!!

My nonPRO PICS photo 2

We chose to see each other before the wedding:

My nonPRO PICS photo 3

My mom and sisters (matrons of honor) and me with my Dad:

My nonPRO PICS photo 4My nonPRO PICS photo 5

I had 2 guestbooks!  A wine bottle, and a photobook!

My nonPRO PICS photo 6My nonPRO PICS photo 7

The ceremony:

My nonPRO PICS photo 8My nonPRO PICS photo 9My nonPRO PICS photo 10


My nonPRO PICS photo 11

The table set up with the favors...altoids! (steve had hid my ring inside a altoids tin when he proposed, so it was sentimental! :) )

My nonPRO PICS photo 12My nonPRO PICS photo 13

When we sat down after being introduced, a HOARD of people ALL with cameras rushed in to take a picture!  It was like paparazzi! 

My nonPRO PICS photo 14

Reception highlights!

My nonPRO PICS photo 15My nonPRO PICS photo 16My nonPRO PICS photo 17 LOVE my cheong sam!  sad, i could only wear it for like 30 mins before i had to change again.

People getting down!  Perfect evidence of why DH wasn't allowed to drink until AFTER dinner!  Love how our cutie pie flower girl was grooving to the music too!

My nonPRO PICS photo 18My nonPRO PICS photo 19

It was a great day!  I can't wait for the PRO PICS!!!!!!!!!!! 

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Here are my invitation set!  I had wrap around labels for my envelopes!Invitations photo 1


A close up of my Invite in English and Chinese

Invitations photo 2Invitations photo 3

My favorite...the RSVP:

Invitations photo 4Invitations photo 5

I also had a Map/directions card.  Yipee they're out, and i'm waiting for them to come back!

These were DIY, but i was looking at SO many invites in designing them, so i took a little bit from here and there to come up with the final design!  So, if you see something that looks like part of your invite in here...THANK YOU!!! :)

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FI and I have been together for 10 years.  for 4 of those years we were long distance, while I was going to school in New York, and FI stayed home in the Bay Area.  The first few months were very hard, because before that we were basically attached at the hip.  I had no family/friends in New York, and I felt basically so alone! However, we really learned who we are as individuals, and just realized how much better we are together as a couple.  I can definetly say that being in a long distance relationship those 4 years, was probably one of the best things that could have happened to us.  I'm so grateful to have him to support me even though I was 3000 miles away.




My fiance and I met in College.  I was hanging out in my friend's dorm room, and I see this guy walk in and say: 'hello, I'm here to take out the garbage!"  I was so surprised that someone would actually be going coming in and taking out someone else's garbage!  Little did I know she had told him that she would make him a quesadilla for doing so.  *sigh* First thing I gotta remember, the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach.  




I feel I ruined our engagement!  We had taken a trip down to San Diego, and FI had planned to do it at Balboa park.  When he started to ask me to marry him, before he could finish, I had piped in and screamed are you really doing this?  You're going to do it at the zoo?  That threw him off, so he just stopped proposing!  He had this whole speech prepared, and he really wanted to finish what he started, so he just stopped proposing, and made me wait!  Since I knew he had this shiny little thing in his pocket, I kept bugging him to just let me have it!  He just really wanted to do it right, so he drove me down to the beach, and we found a little gazebo, and he popped the question!  (again)  I, by the way, held my tongue until it was time to say Yes.




We are getting married at the beautiful Palm Event Center.  We saw the place, and just immediately fell in love with it.  Our Photographer is Augie Chang.  DOC is from Amazae Special Events.  yay! it looks like it's coming together, but there's still so much to do!