Jun 04, 2011

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The Brides Attire

For my dress I picked a Mori Lee #6501 in Ivory.  It is chiffon with beading at the waist, with a sweetheart neckline and a sweep train.  The shoes that I picked are Geena by A Touch Of Nina in silver.

           Style and Attire photo 1  Style and Attire photo 2


For the veil I decided to go with an ivory, 30" (elbow length), 1 layer veil with pencil/serged edging.  The edge is lined with glass rocaille beads and a glass silver lined beads.  I didn't want the veil to overwhelm me or the dress, and since I am thinking about wearing is all night I didn't want anything too long.  I ordered my veil from

I am going to wear the veil similar to the pictures, at the crown of my head.  For my hair, I am wearing a low chignon, and the veil will drape over the hairstyle.

          Style and Attire photo 3  Style and Attire photo 4

                                  Style and Attire photo 5


The Brides Hair

For my hair I wanted an updo, but I still wanted it flowy and loose so I am combining 2 similar hairstyle.  For the front part (the part that's pulled back) I want the look of Eva's hair in the pictures below.  I want a side part with the hair pulled back slightly loose and curled, as opposed to tight and slick.  For the back part i am going with a low messy chignon like the pictures of Michelle.  The pictures of Michelle's chignon is slightly styled to the side, but I think I am going to have it styled in the back of my head instead.  The veil will go at the top or crown of my head and drape over the chignon.

The front of the hair....

                 Style and Attire photo 6  Style and Attire photo 7


The back of the hair...

                Style and Attire photo 8  Style and Attire photo 9

        Style and Attire photo 10  Style and Attire photo 11


The Brides Makeup

Right now I am looking for a specific style of makeup.  Since I do not look good with pastel colors, I am looking for a more natural, summery/rosy makeup look.  I would like a alightly darkk color on the eyes with black eyeliner, rosy cheeks, and a nude lip.  Below are some pictures of Mandy Moore that I would like my makeup to be inspired by.

     Style and Attire photo 12     Style and Attire photo 13

                             Style and Attire photo 14     Style and Attire photo 15

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We are getting married on June 4th, 2011 in downtown Raleigh, NC.  The ceremony will take place in the St. Mark's Chapel located on the Historic Mordecai Grounds.  It is a small chapel which is perfect for our 50 guests.  We will also have a small wedding party with one attendant on each side.  On my side will be my sister who will be my Matron of Honor, and JD will actually have his sister on his side as his Head Groom's Attendant.

St. Mark's Chapel - Raleigh, NC

          The Ceremony photo 1    The Ceremony photo 2

The Bouquets

The colors for the wedding are lavender, ivory, and lime green.  I wanted my bouquet to be a little different than the girls so I will have all white and ivory roses.  The girls bouquets will be ivory and lavender roses, lime green hydrangeas, and purple lisianthus.

Here is the inspiration for my bouquet.  I probably won't put the pearls in since it doesn't match my theme.

The Ceremony photo 3  The Ceremony photo 4


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The save the dates were sent in October.  Me and my fiance JD both picked these out, and although they don't really match the purple theme, we thought they were very cute.

 Save The Dates photo 1


Here is the stamp we put on the outer envelope.  Very cute!

Save The Dates photo 2


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Wedding Countdown Ticker

My name is Amber and I am 26 years old.  I am getting married to the most wonderful guy, JD, on June 4th 2011!  We both live together in Morrisville, North Carolina and we have a cat named Emery.  We are getting married in downtown Raleigh NC, and the reception will be held in Creedmoor.  Our wedding colors are purple/lavender, ivory, and accents of lime green.

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The proposal happened on Thursday June 17, 2010.  With a busy weekend ahead for both of us, J.D. decided to pop the question during the week since he couldn't wait any longer.  Before getting off work that day, J.D. told me that we were going to out dinner that night and to dress nice. After getting home from work we got ready for the evening, and for a change I was dressed and ready to go before J.D! I was sitting on the couch, nervous and anxious because I had a feeling tonight was THE night. J.D. went into the bedroom and called for me to come in there. When I walked in J.D. was standing there with red roses, and of course Emery our cat was watching us from the bed. He always has to be involved in everything. After I made a big fuss over the roses, out of nowhere J.D. got down on one knee and told me had to tie his shoe! Aw, he got me...or so I thought. I laughed it off and expected him to get up and say "lets go eat," but he didn't get up! He then said he loved me, pulled out a ring, and asked me to marry him! And of course I said yes!

The night didn't end there. We still had a surprise dinner to go to, and he would not tell me where since it was a surprise. After navigating him to an unknown address in Downtown Raleigh, we pulled up in front of a new restaurant called "The Mint." Pretty fancy huh? He got his car valet parked and took me inside where we had reservations. The place was absolutely gorgeous and the most romantic place I had ever been to. The food was absolutely fantastic and me and J.D. had a very romantic time.

J.D.'s original plan was to pop the question AFTER dinner, but he knew I was very nervous, and he was just way too excited to hold off any longer. It was the most perfect night ever!