Jul 19, 2008

Brides By Demetrios
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
My doubts started when we were looking at dresses and my friend, the bride, was told that if we weren't going to try on 'Serious' dresses then we should leave. Because trying on wedding dresses means you only try on ones you 'know' you're going to like, without looking at different styles? Then next fiasco, we ordered our bride's maid's dresses here. I talked with a lady, who told me that I ABSOLUTELY WOULD PUT ON WEIGHT before the wedding, so I should order the larger size (I was between an 8 and 10). I had a friend faxing information back and forth with these people, and after I had told them to order me an 8, the order information came to me as a 12. Fortunately my friend marked it out and made them order me an 8. The other brides were not this lucky. Two of them can put their dresses on, zipped up, over their heads they ordered them so large. They REFUSED to have the dresses altered, they stated that according to the chart these were the 'right' sizes, even though they DIDN'T FIT, they just kept saying that the chart says it was the right size. Even though they are the professionals and should know that hip measurements don't mean squat when ordering a flared hip dress. We had to call corporate and explain that they were ordering the dresses in the wrong size so that they could charge us EACH $150 for alterations (aside from the two of us who demanded dresses in our correct sizes). Even then, they were reluctant to resize the wrong sized dresses. They also charge more for their dresses than ordering them online, and it's slower. Apart from being rude, and trying to swindle us out of extra money, oh wait, there wasn't anything good about this place.
Services used: Dress & Attire