Dec 17, 2010

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Dear ladies, please let me lnow if I am using your photos on my bio page!

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Famous candles =) http://www.projectwedding.com/post/list/unity-candle-with-instructions Thanks kayburge!

My DIYs photo 1


My first trial with my bouquet!


My DIYs photo 2

Trial for bridesmaid's bouquets:

My DIYs photo 1


As I said, my centerpieces were going to be different.

I will use 3 types. This is number one and it will be for 5 tables:

My DIYs photo 2

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My dress by Oleg Cassini (I have tried sooo many dresses on, but fell in love with this one!):

How we are going to look photo 1

My shoes by Martinez Valero (ohhh I am so in love with them!!!):

How we are going to look photo 2

My earrings by White Aisle (they were very cheap):

How we are going to look photo 3

Bridesmaid dresses by Waters and Waters (they are going to be in lavender color though):

How we are going to look photo 4

And my husband is going to wear his Marine Uniform!!!



My makeup inspiration:

How we are going to look photo 7

And my bouquet:

How we are going to look photo 8

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We are having a winter wedding and our colors are: white, silver and lavender.

The ceremony is going to take place at a very old building with fireplaces and wooden banches in Chickasaw StatE Park, Tennessee. I am using 250 candles to light up that place! Also silver material and silver satin chair covers will add some wintery mood to the hole building! Tones of snowflakes, white roses and fake snow will make it all look like a wonderland.

Here are some pics I used as an inspiration:

The reception will be at Woodland Hills Country Club and we are planning to have about 140 people. So for 15 tables I have different centerpieces, I am still working on them, but it should be something interesting. Again I am using white roses, some lavender orchids, snowflakes, silver pinecones and a lot of other stuff!

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I am Jenny, my real name is Ievgeniia and I am from Ukraine =)

I got in US as an exchange student and met the man of my life - John. We got engaged only after 2.5 months of dating. Love from the first sight. He is a great man, one of a kind. Police Officer and Marine, he makes me proud. Intelligent, handsome, kind and loving, he is the best man I have ever met. And he thinks I am the most beautiful woman ever.

We were engaged for exactly 9 month and all of that time I was in Ukraine working on visas and documents. It was tough. But finally on December 10t, 2009 I was in Nashville with flowers and luggage, ready to start my new life in a new country with my man. In just a week we got married by John's school principal. And ever since I can't stop thinking, how lucky I was to come here. We are married for almost a year and this year was the best year of my life by far.

We live in Jackson, TN, a small town, that became my home very fast. We have a little girl Pyper - she is our first baby - and she is a dog =) We don't even know what kind of a dog she is, but we looove her so much!

Hello Everyone photo 1

On December 17th, 2010 we are having religious ceremony and a big wedding with white dress, bridesmaids and groomsmen. We are very very excited!!!