Apr 16, 2011

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So who has always dreamed about having a jcrew wedding? Me!!

And so exciting - all my girls are wearing the best dresses from jcrew. I can't wait to see their gorgeous figures in apple green! All from So many options so everyone got to choose the shape that flattered them best! Should be gorgeous!

PS - They have the BEST wedding consultants and were really easy to work with. 

The Girls JCrew photo 1The Girls JCrew photo 2The Girls JCrew photo 3The Girls JCrew photo 4

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Just 51 days to go and now time to start getting serious about the details.

We'll see how it goes...


51 Days Time to get Inspired photo 151 Days Time to get Inspired photo 2

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So this week I am going to attempt to have beautiful hair like the one in the picture from Etsy. 

Hair Days photo 1Hair Days photo 2

I ordered this hair flower because it is gorgeous. The one I received wasn't quite what I expected but I'm hoping my hairdresser can turn that around. And -I'm a blonde, not a brunette. And, my hair is fine and thin and not nearly this we will see, we will see...

If you want to check out the Etsy options, I ordered it from -

She was really easy to work with and I got my order quickly. So it was a decent experience. Hair pictures to come!


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Thank you to my lovely photographer for making me and Matt look great - even though Matt may have freaked out in the first 5 mins of the 2-hr shoot. Somehow she captured us looking comfortable and natural. Thank you, sweet Melly (

Site - Jerome, AZ: amazing and quaint mountain town. Once a mining town, now an artisan and wine lover's place to enjoy the Arizona sunsets against the red rocks of Sedona. It was ours to enjoy the sunflowers, candy and green mountain air....Fun day!


Let s be engaged the photo session photo 1Let s be engaged the photo session photo 2Let s be engaged the photo session photo 3

Let s be engaged the photo session photo 4Let s be engaged the photo session photo 5

Let s be engaged the photo session photo 6Let s be engaged the photo session photo 7

Let s be engaged the photo session photo 8Let s be engaged the photo session photo 9Let s be engaged the photo session photo 10

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Hello, PW future friends! Friend me and I'll friend you!  

Happy Wedding!!

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So - how many of you ladies have found the perfect dress? 

It was about 150 dresses into the process and I think I loved 2 at every store. Fortunately, my roommate is amazing and took pictures of every one at every place....some highlights....

First dress + "the Bacon" - I originally thought I wanted a short dress until I started trying on long dresses. Tried this one out at Blush - this amazing bridal store in Austin. Loved the dresses and the service - and the Bacon. The flower belt in the first shot is formally titled the Bacon because it make everything better....ha! Still thinking I would love to buy that belt!

The Diva - Reminds me of a little hollywood magic but not quite the look that works for me. Obviously a favorite, right?! The face says it all. Tried on some beautiful dresses but thought this shot was priceless. The saleslady thought I might like - so why not? And I quickly learned this was not a look for me. 

The Dress Search photo 1The Dress Search photo 2The Dress Search photo 3The Dress Search photo 4

The last two - Both at Unbridaled also in Austin. Liked them both but not love, love, love. The one with the veil was an aweome organic hemp dress that I loved but decided that I would keep looking. Hmm...

So I was heading to a wedding in Idaho. My mom went up a day early and called me very excitedly about a dress shop she saw - Storybook Bridal. After going to tons of bridal shops and trying on tons of dresses, I didn't think much of it. 

So the family went for a walk from our guest house and around the lake in Coeur D'Alene. It was gorgeous. I think it influenced my mood...

The Dress Search photo 5The Dress Search photo 6

So we all walked through Storybook Bridal - hot, sweaty and nasty - but they still let me try on the dresses. Rosalie was ready for us.

And so it was destiny...the perfect gown. A Seattle designer -Sally Crew- that is completely unique from anything else I'd seen. A little cyndi lauper and a little Belle...I knew I'd found the dress when my dad started to cry...ah! He's so sweet. 

The Dress Search photo 7The Dress Search photo 8

I called the store when I got back to TX. The store shipped it (overnight) for free. Amazing!! Such a great experience and I can't wait to get it altered! I actually tried this last week but the lady said that the wedding is too far out. She must know I have a pension for holiday cookies that reshape my waist but are oh-so-delicious! 

Happy dress shopping!