Oct 21, 2011

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And the story goes photo 1

I am by far a non-traditional girl and have lived my life a bit in reverse. I have a great home that holds my three beautiful boys, Ace(8) and my twins Enzo and Cassius(2) along with them I have my amazing future husband (aka 4th child) Steve. He is the biological Father of my twins and has stepped up as the best Father, example, and man in my oldest sons life. Steve is nothing like me, I am loud, social, opinionated, and spoiled. He, on the other hand is calm, quiet and kind. He treats me like a princess and goes above and beyond to make me and our boys happy and proud.

I knew a wedding would come some day but with our busy lives I expected it to come in the far far future. However, on a recent trip to California to attend my girlfriends wedding we made a tee time at the Trump National Golf Course. This is one of the most beautiful golf course on the planet it is next to the Pacific Ocean and has cascading waterfalls and a crisp green beauty. I knew this was an exceptional place but Steve is a golf-pro so playing at great courses is always on our vacation itinerary. Around the 8th hole we had a bit of a tiff (probably my fault, it usually is) and the fool still asked me to Marry him at the waterfall before the 18th hole. I was amazed at how he found away to surprise me and catch me completely off guard.

Before I took on the position as full time Mother I had a dream job as an event planner at a beautiful golf course in Oregon and after that the Denver Art Museum. My days are now spent in comfy Target attire instead of beautiful dresses and suits. Furthermore, my organizational skills are applied to coupons, play-dates, nap time, and sport practices. I am both excited and overwhelmed to dust off some of my unused skills, it has been years since I have planned a wedding but this is one I am obviously very excited about!!! I also have plenty of new obstacles I never had when planning other events in the past. So, through the diaper changes, soccer practice, dinners, and everyday life I plan to create an amazing special day the two of us and our families and friends will never forget!

And the story goes photo 4

Ace is my very kind, sweet, polite little man. For a very long time it was just us two, my partner in crime and best friend. We had so much fun, however; he loves being a big brother and is fantastic with the little guys! Ace wants to be a paleontologist when he grows up and also loves the museum, soccer, football and golf.

And the story goes photo 5

Enzo is a miniature version of his father, my big guy with wonderful green eyes. He is my future Chicago Bears linebacker (watch out Urlacher) and is a tough guys mans man! We like to joke he is a reincarnated Jim Hoffa and has a look that any gangster would fear ; )

And the story goes photo 7

Oh my sweet Cassius, the "baby" by two minutes but he owns the role and plays it well! He needs every ones attention and admiration and will tug at your heart with a blink of his gorgeous big blues and long lashes. Pretty positive he will win an Oscar some day or become President, he loves to wave, shake hands, and blow kisses