Oct 21, 2011

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First Annual Kurtz Klassic photo 1First Annual Kurtz Klassic photo 2First Annual Kurtz Klassic photo 3First Annual Kurtz Klassic photo 4First Annual Kurtz Klassic photo 5First Annual Kurtz Klassic photo 6



I am so pleased with our decision to do a charity golf tournament in lieu of a bridal shower! I had a long week of sick babies (FI include) so I did not feel as organized and put together as I would have liked but at the end of the day I shared a wonderful day with amazing and kind people!

*The Good*

*I spent the day with a great group of friends & family & enjoyed stories and kind words of FIs father who has passed but was a passionate and kind P.E. teacher and we had this tournament in his honor*

*Made some money to help our local schools P.E. department which is sadly laking and so important to children*

*Got to watch FIs MoM get on a chair and do a little shimmy, that was some good wine :D*

*Though it was windy we had no rain which is what I was affraid of so it still falls under a "good" in my book*

*The Bad*

*I forgot the pictures and sponsor information that was supposed to go on the donation table =/*

*I forgot my bra that went with my white dress so I had my nude bra poking out all night, not a big deal but frustrating!!*

*The Ugly"

First Annual Kurtz Klassic photo 7


*My gorgeous little Enzo got an "ugly" black eye from running into the table, he is so tuff though the little booger NEVER cried! Ouch!!

All in all it was a wonderful day filled with love, kindness, & joy! I look forward to doing this again next year, we plan to make it much bigger(kept it only to wedding guest this year). I pray it grows every year and helps contribute to something near and dear to our hearts!!


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I am what I photo 3268922-1

I am what I like to call a "Mommy Bride" I had 2 year old twins to potty train, 3rd grade homework I had to help with, & I also planned a wedding while managing all the other "joys" that Motherhood brings. It is true that becoming a Mother really does change your perspective & teach you many lesson. However, being a "Mommy Bride" definitely adds new creative, fun, stressful, & often exhausting moments that will make your and your child's special day amazing! My day would maybe have been more organized or put together but I prefer the chaos mixed with love compared to a "perfect" day". 


1.Involve them where you can & don't expect it to be perfect, plus the little mistakes often play out to be pretty funny & memorable. I had my 8 year old help pick out the guys stuff, help with the candy table, & he wrote a prayer for the ceremony. All three boys were involved in a personal rose ceremony written by my Aunt.

I am what I photo 3268922-2

2.If you have a candy table.....expect a sugar high!

I am what I photo 3268922-3

3. Let them dance not much is cuter then dancing kids & it is really your only option if you want to get rid of that sugar high :D


I am what I photo 3268922-4

4. If Mommy needs a drink, a run, a hot bath....DO IT! Whatever it may be make sure to do what you love & what relaxes you. Motherhood & wedding planning are a lot of work & sometimes a girl just needs a break!!

Pinned Image

5. The day of your wedding just go with it!! I learned this lesson at it's finest when my two year old just moments before the ceremony stripped down to nothing but his diaper and had a meltdown! I don't know if his shirt itched him but he went from a white button up shirt into a red t~shirt and all was well?!? All I can tell you is take a deep breath and fix the problem trust me friends the wedding ceremony will not continue unless the bride is there! we started 15 minutes late but it all went well and my son was still able to be part of the ceremony.I am what I photo 3268922-5I am what I photo 3268922-6

6. They will want to invite their friends ;D & their friends are stuffed! My youngest twin has a true affection for his two ducks (QuackQuack & Ducky) they have been a part of so many of his adventures in life I figured I might as well include them in my wedding party! So they put on a bow tie & collar & played the role of RB pillows, it was such a wonderful idea & kept the boys happy and calm through their part of the ceremony.

I am what I photo 3268922-7

(notice the red shirt, LoL)

I am what I photo 3268922-8

I am what I photo 3268922-9

7. Let them visit, wonder, & just plain have fun with your guest and your day, you will end up with some great pictures!

I am what I photo 3268922-10 I am what I photo 3268922-11

I am what I photo 3268922-12

8. LET IT GO! Not every detail is going to get done, &if it does great if it doesn't....o'well!! My children were all sick as was I two weeks before my wedding. Getting them & myself healthy was more important then getting the perfect pair of shoes, making my escort cards, & getting more candy for my sweets table. Would I have liked to have those things? Of course, but life happens & a lot of times as a Mom it seems it happens all at once!

9. Bask in the love that surrounds you not only with your new husband but with your children also! Laugh with them, kiss them, hug them & always remember what a special part of the day they were!

I am what I photo 3268922-13

I am what I photo 3268922-14

10.If all else fails get the NANNY!! I highly recomend getting a nanny if you can fit it into the budget. It gives family & friends a chance to enjoy the kids but not feel like they have to keep an eye on them.

Mommy Bride photo 1I am what I photo 3268922-15

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Family Rose Ceremony photo 1

~Family Rose Ceremony~

The blending of a family is a complex thing.  Each person has unique characteristics, and it is those things that make us fall in love with them.  We would never want their personality to be lost or altered. But sometimes our individuality presents challenges as it merges with the individual personalities of others.  So how can five completely different people make one complete family?  There can be only one answer: LOVE.  
   The red rose is a symbol of love.  Each of you holds a red rose.  When you look at the rose, you can first of all know that God loves you.  Just as he carefully made the rose you hold, He carefully made you.  He created you to be the special person you are.  Each rose is beautiful by itself, but when all the roses are put together they become an exquisite bouquet.

   Today, as you each put your rose into the vase, you are showing your family and friends, and each other, how very much you want to be more than just your own person.  You are showing that you choose to put your lives together to be the family God designed you to be.

Family Rose Ceremony photo 2

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Me My Girls photo 1Me My Girls photo 2Me My Girls photo 3Me My Girls photo 4Me My Girls photo 5Me My Girls photo 6Me My Girls photo 7Me My Girls photo 8Me My Girls photo 9Me My Girls photo 10Me My Girls photo 11Me My Girls photo 12Me My Girls photo 13Me My Girls photo 14Me My Girls photo 15Me My Girls photo 1Me My Girls photo 2Me My Girls photo 3Me My Girls photo 4Me My Girls photo 5Me My Girls photo 6Me My Girls photo 7Me My Girls photo 8Me My Girls photo 9\Me My Girls photo 10Me My Girls photo 11Me My Girls photo 12Me My Girls photo 13

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~The Venue~

Temple Events Center Uptown - Denver, Colorado new page photo 1

new page photo 2new page photo 3new page photo 4

new page photo 5new page photo 6new page photo 7

~The Goodies~

new page photo 8

Wedding, WhiteDIY Tomfoolery photo 7new page photo 9

~The Little Ones~

Jr. Best Man: Ace(8)

FG: Addison Grace(4)

RBs: Cassius(2) & Enzo(2)

Happy b day pretty photo 2694433-1new page photo 10


 new page photo 11new page photo 12new page photo 13

new page photo 14new page photo 15Black



                                                                                   &nb sp;                                                               ~The Girls~

new page photo 16Whitenew page photo 17new page photo 18new page photo 19new page photo 20new page photo 21


~The Boys~

new page photo 22new page photo 23new page photo 24new page photo 25





This That photo 14new page photo 26This That photo 16

~Table Scape~

 new page photo 27

Table Clothes

new page photo 28

Napkins and Table Squares

new page photo 29new page photo 30new page photo 31

White satin linens with different patterns a beautiful candelabra surrounded by white flowers in unique silver vases and picture frames of our friends and family on their wedding day =) Our wedding date is on my parents 33rd wedding anniversary so we want to celebrate every ones marriage along with ours!!


~The Perfect Accesories~

new page photo 32new page photo 33new page photo 34

~Steve and his Father were extremely close, sadly Bill is no longer with us anymore. I want to surprise him with a beautiful saphire locket on my bouquet to remind him that his Father is there with us on our wedding day~

Cathys Concepts Laura Ashley Jacket Invitation Kit in White - IN22new page photo 35new page photo 36

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Best Men Groomsmen photo 1

"I would like to be remembered as a man who had a wonderful time living his life, and who had good friends, fine family, and I don’t think I could ask for anything more than that, actually.” ~Frank Sinatra

Clay Condon

Gerry Kurtz

Best Men Groomsmen photo 2

Jonathan Manning

Best Men Groomsmen photo 3

Greg Shakespeare

Chris Johnson

Best Men Groomsmen photo 4

"Boys will be Boys"