May 14, 2011

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Saturday September 4th, 2010

I asked Caitlin to marry me at the Getty Museum, which is one of her three favorite places in the world (the others being Forest Falls and Barcelona). I mentioned the night before that a trip to the Getty would be fun (we hadn't been there in a few months). I probably should have mentioned the plans to go earlier in the week, since Caitlin is one smart cookie and knew "something" was up. It was just a tad too spontaneous for me ;) We left for the Getty late in the afternoon the next day; we usually visit the Getty early in the evening to get a free parking pass, which was great for this occasion, since I wanted to make sure we were there during sunset. As we drove into LA and the hills where the Getty is located came into view, we saw an immense cloud of smoke rising from the direction we were headed. I began to worry that there was a fire near the Getty and that we'd be turned away. As we got closer and the freeway turned into a parking lot, we heard on the news that there was in fact a fire on the hill right next to the Getty. I prayed for a miracle. We pushed on though and were pleasantly surprised to make it into the museum without any trouble, since the wind was pushing the fire in the opposite direction.

Since we arrived an hour or so later than expected, the sun was already beginning to set. I had planned to avoid giving away the surprise by first visiting some exhibits and later heading to the garden to see the sunset together. I had visited the museum several days earlier to find the perfect place in the garden, and knew what time to expect the sunset. We decided to get a snack first, took some pictures against several cool looking walls that we came across, and gradually made our way to the garden. After walking through the lower garden area and looking at all the flowers and plants, we headed up to the small stream that flows down from the top of the hill. The stream is peaceful, shaded by a canopy of trees, with rocks placed throughout to give it a more natural feeling. A series of small bridges cross the stream diagonally as you proceed up the path, and we paused for a while on each bridge to look around.

About half way to the top we paused again to enjoy the sunset and beautiful surroundings. I held Caitlin close to me and said "You're my best friend," and she replied, "You're my best friend too." She looked around and mentioned that the stream and canopy of trees reminded her of her favorite place in the world, Forest Falls. I replied with a little smile that it had reminded me of Forest Falls as well. As she looked around again I got down on one knee, and since we were holding hands, she felt the tug on her arm. She turned to me, gasped, and began asking in an excited voice, "Oh my God, no way! No way! For real? For real?!" I smiled up at her and replied, "Yes, really, for real!" I told her that she's the love of my life and that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. I held out the ring in my other hand and asked her to marry me! As happy tears streamed down her cheeks, she said "YES! Of course!" I'm not sure how long we stood there since the whole world seemed to fade away and there was no one there but the two of us.

After a few minutes we sat on the grass to watch the rest of the sunset together, and I told her that my family was actually waiting at the museum entrance with a simple picnic of cheese, crackers, and fruit I'd prepared earlier in the day. Eventually they came down to the garden and we all enjoyed the picnic together.

Caitlin's parents were out of town visiting relatives in Arizona, and when she called to share the news, all her great aunts and uncles congratulated us on speaker-phone. We ended the night at Yard House with my family and had an amazing time celebrating together.

…and they both lived happily ever after!

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May 2009:

David and I met through (which we now recommend to all of our searching single friends). We were matched in May 2009 and hit it off famously while exchanging quite a few very lengthy emails. David is a great writer... I thought that was sexy. ;)


July 2009:

After dropping several hints that I wanted him to ask me to meet in person, I just bit the bullet and asked him instead. He came over and we said our awkward "hello's" and "nice to meet you's". After watching a movie (Waking Life), we chatted and rehashed several of our email conversations as well as opened a few new subjects while discussing the movie. That was it. Sort of ho-hum. 

After a few times of getting together, we got more comfortable and began building a great friendship. Throughout the first month, we spent a lot of time talking on walks and shared our deepest darkest secrets. On one particular walk, I got a little self conscious and low and David swept me off my feet by saying,

"You deserve to have someone love you fully and completely just as you are. I'm not going to presume it's me just yet, but God has someone who will love you for you. I promise."



August 2009:

After all of the little thrills of July (holding hands for the first time while laying in the middle of the street & looking at the stars, and our first kiss on my couch at home) we said "I love you" August 7th 2009. From that point on, we were officially a couple and have been stuck to each other's sides ever since. We're best friends, work together, and spend a lot of time enjoying life. You know that couple that can't stop cooing at each other, saying gooey lovey things, or PDA... that's us! They told us it would wear off at the 3rd, 6th, and 12th months... but it hasn't. ;) Maybe when we've been married ten years.


*~ Fast Forward 7 Months ~*

March 2010:

David and I shopped for my engagement ring back in March 2010. On the first trip, in the first store, we found a beautiful, - and to my mother's horror - very untraditional ring that suited us both. It's a tiny gold band with three tiny marquee sapphires and two tiny round sapphires. It's tiny. I absolutely love it! 

We shopped around a few other places but never found anything as pretty or perfect. I told David I didn't want to be there when he bought it. For months afterward we teased that I wouldn't know for sure which ring he had ended up buying. 

I haven't posted pictures yet because the stones are actually going to be changed. The three marquees will remain sapphires, but will be of a much higher quality, and the two tiny rounds will be changed to a gorgeous lime green peridot. 

~ Side story ~

We love the verse Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 which includes, "two are better than one", and "a threefold cord is not quickly broken." This imagery is a wonderful statement of the strength of a marriage with God being the third and binding member. Therefore, to remind us of God's needed presence in our relationship, we are using three colors (blue sapphires, green peridot, and the gold band) as symbolic elements in the ring. David's favorite color is blue, mine is green, and the band of gold will appropriately symbolize God's presence holding us together.  <3