Jul 07, 2010

Fancy's Event Services
( 1.2 / 5.0 )
I was not as fortunate to have such a lovely experience with Amy Northcotes Fancy Events. When we first hired her for $1500 she promised us a peaceful wedding where she would be there for me, and I could call her anytime. Well that was a whole load of crap! After she got her money, her services went down hill. She was extremely hard to get ahold of, and because she works a 8-5 job, she never went to any appointments with me. She tries to get you to use her not so cheap vendors, and anything she offers to loan or help you with, will add more money to her bill. My own wedding planner wasn't even with me on the day of the wedding. My mom had to deal with all the bridesmaid drama, pictures, hair and makeup people.

Amy was also extremely understaffed at the event so she could save money (she only hired 2 people), and started recruiting my bartender for help because 1 of her people left the event early. Amy also never passed out the wedding ceremony cards, so I was left with 50 extras which I just had to throw away. I bought small bubbles for after the ceremony, not one was passed out to the guests, so i was left with 60 small bubble packages. And i couldnt return the bubbles to the store I purchased them at because one of Amys staff member threw away all the packaging. Her stepdaughter who was one if the hired help was very rude and unprofessional. She (Amys stepdaughter) started cleaning up and tearing down the wedding hall before it was even over. And most of my expensive decorations were thrown into their boxes and handled carelessly. Amys stepdaughter kept calling my mom all day on the wedding day because she didn't know where something was or how it should have been set up. Shouldn't a wedding planner go over something like that with her crew of 2? The day of the wedding was anything but peaceful. I was extremely dissappointed with how little the wedding planner was there for me on the day of my wedding. I felt like my mom was more of a wedding planner than Amy, because she was there for me the whole day and helped me with everything. Amy was no where to be found and didn't answer her phone on the day of the wedding. I only was able to get ahold of her once because I had my awesome photographer call her. My advice to any bride considering Fancy Events is make sure you get whatever you expect from their services in writing. Honestly, I would strongly reccommend hiring someone who does wedding planning as a full time job. 
Services used: Wedding Planning

Popolo Catering
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Popolo's was the best vendor I had at my wedding. His team was professional and got the job done without any problems. And their food is out of this world. I would highly recommend Popolo to anyone who is looking for a professional caterer that serves food that not only looks good but tastes amazing! Thank you LEON for catering my wedding!
Services used: Catering