May 07, 2011

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My name is Shana Alexandria Haughton and my Fiance' is Daniel Edward Williams III. We met on a blind Date set up by our two sisters. We met at the Fell's Point Festival  Oct 3rd 2004. Daniel says our first date was really just a meeting  for him to find out if he needed to continue further and do a background check. Daniel and I have been through everything together. That is an understatement. He has put up with my pets, my crazy sister, my brother's illness, my nieces various scrapes. He's been through it all and he never once complained But the best part was becoming parents June 11th 2009 to the most beautiful baby girl Mantileena Danielle. We never had a traditional proposal because we both just decided to get married and to make our family official. I can not see myself building a life with anyone else. Daniel is the cutest, most lovable, steadfast  friend, lover and lifemate anyone could have or ask for. The life we are building together is uphill but we are comitted and faithful. We are there for our family and friends for whatever they need. We love eachother and our children .We can't wait to get married. We want a simple vintage wedding where all our friends and family feel as happy on that day as we are.

To that end I reserved a ceremony site at the beautiful Maryland Boyschoir Center for the Arts(Formerly The Cathedral Church of St Matthew) But the Church hall for the reception is a challenge as it is the old church school gym. So to transform it into the magical spot on a budget takes alot of creative thinking. We didn't really have a budget going into this but we are probably well over 5k at this point I would like to keep it under 15k  in the end  but I do know that catering is going to eat up alot of my budget. We decided to go for a family style dining experience  because it fits with the feeling we want to convey on our wedding day. I hope our  reception comes together as of right now I'm not so sure. It seems like the more I try to more things just get more and more expensive. In these tough times  we want to keep it beautiful on a budget.