Aug 28, 2010

Sophie's Gown Shoppe
( 1.4 / 5.0 )
I had tried to write this review on the website for Sophie's Gown Shoppe, however, there is nowhere for customers to post comments and the only ones on there are all happy quotes from completely satisfied brides. That's not a surprise with the comments I have read
here, no wonder they don't want to let their customers post without them, no one would ever shop there!
I don't normally complain. In fact, this is the first time I have ever actually formally made a written complaint, ever. But I am a retail store manager and I am actually really upset with my experience at Sophie's so I sought out a site to vent on and hopefully other brides will not have a negative experience like mine.
I wasn't too angry when I ordered the dress I was in love with and they told me they would call me when it arrived in April and at the end of May, I called them and sure enough, my dress was in.
I wasn't too angry when I went in for my first fitting and was only spoken to once. The seamstress never spoke to me and I had to get my sister to undo my dress because no one came back.
I wasn't too angry when they overcharged me for my alterations, big time.
I started to get a little angry when the day before my wedding, I got a phone call from the store saying that they wanted me to come back to the store and pay $100 that they miscalculated when I paid the balance on my dress.
I got really angry when, after I told them I would call them in a couple weeks to sort this out, I got a call 13 days later harassing me for the money again.
As someone who works in retail, I understand "honest errors" (as I was repeatedly told by the manager when I was telling her I was unhappy) I do not understand making the customer take responsibility for your "honest errors". I know how much money they make on these dresses and I am really unhappy with the stink they have made out of this $100, when I am sure they made 6X that on the gown in the first place, not to mention an arm and leg for the alterations! I would never call one of my customers after they had left my store and tell them I expected them to come back in and give me more money, and this has happened to me, undercharging people or my staff undercharging people. And to avoid the risk of offending our valued customers, we would eat the cost of the mistake and have done so in the past. Apparently Sophie's does not feel the same about keeping their customers.
I was warned by my wedding planner not to go to Sophie's because several of her clients had negative experiences there, however, I was in love with the dress and against my better judgement, ignored her. Wish I hadn't because, while I had a lovely wedding, I could have also had a lovely wedding with a dress from a vendor that didn't leave such a bad taste in my mouth. Honest mistake after honest mistake will lead me to never recommend Sophie's to any of my friends or relatives.
Services used: Dress & Attire