Sep 12, 2009

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Our actual wedding rehearsal took place at the Four Seasons Hotel. Our rehearsal dinner was at Maggiano's Little Italy Restaurant in Center City Philadelphia. My dress was by BCBG and my rehearsal bouquet was done with the Martha Stewart paper flower kit they sell at Michael's. 


All photos were done by Chris Hayes Photography. 


Rehearsal Dinner photo 1    Rehearsal Dinner photo 2Rehearsal Dinner photo 3 Rehearsal Dinner photo 4 Rehearsal Dinner photo 5 Rehearsal Dinner photo 6 

Rehearsal Dinner photo 7 Rehearsal Dinner photo 8

Rehearsal Dinner photo 9 Rehearsal Dinner photo 10

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My HUSBAND (it so wonderful to write that) awakened me today with an unexpected surprise - teaser shots from our wonderful photography Edmund Moon of Daily Thousand Words. I am so happy we found him on craigslist. He is AMAZING and I can't wait to see more.


Teaser Shots photo 1Teaser Shots photo 2

Teaser Shots photo 3Teaser Shots photo 4

Teaser Shots photo 5Teaser Shots photo 6

Teaser Shots photo 7Teaser Shots photo 8

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We had the pleasure of having our engagement pictures taken by Bola of Onada Photography at the Philadelphia Kimmel Center and along Broad Street in May 2009. She is an extremely talented, chic, and totally warm and personable woman. I was so nervous and pertrified of the prospect of having to go through the ordeal of getting my photo taken for 2 hours. But she put me at ease, helped me to relax, and really taught me a lot about how to get great photos of myself. 

We can not give enough praise and thanks to this awesome lady for making us not only look great but giving us such a wonderful experience.


Engagement Pictures photo 1  Engagement Pictures photo 2

Engagement Pictures photo 3  Engagement Pictures photo 4

Engagement Pictures photo 5 Engagement Pictures photo 6 

Engagement Pictures photo 7 Engagement Pictures photo 8

Engagement Pictures photo 9 Engagement Pictures photo 10

Engagement Pictures photo 11



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I decided to tackle a couple of DIY projects for the wedding.


Table Numbers

The use of vintage Philadelphia postcards started with our rehearsal dinner invite and just spilled over into the wedding. Though I could have had our stationery vendor design something I wanted to have a touch of Philadelphia at the reception. I purchased vintage postcards on ebay. I got most for anywhere from $1-2 and was able to score someone selling a lot of postcards at a great price. I scanned them in, added the text in Photoshop, and then applied a sepia tone and slight edge blur in Iphoto.  I then printed the images on my home printer on 5X7 80lb cardstock paper.


Wedding DIY photo 1



Cupcake Favor Bags

We are having an extensive dessert buffet with our brunch and thought that guests would not be up for the cupcakes we decided on in lieu of the traditional cake. So we decided to have them be a part of our guests favors along with tins of teas.

I ordered from Papermart 5-3/4" x 7-1/2" gourmet bags in pink which were $11.38 for a 100. I was originally going to go with a tin tie bag and label them with a sticker but in the description they said that you could print on these from most home printers. I worked up a design in Photoshop Elements and then printed by hand feeding the bags through. A couple of things I found I had to do: 1) reverse the horizontally and vertically to print correctly for my printer 2)I was getting ink streaks the first couple of ones which  I resolved by printing on the high quality setting and specifying printing on envelopes. (These tips may or may not apply to you because each printer is different. I have a Canon MP620).


Wedding DIY photo 2


Thank You Cards

I thought it would be most economical to make our own thank you cards using Vista Print than to purchase them from one of the major stationery suppliers. I took one of our engagement photos taken in from of the Kimmel Center and airbrushed it replacing the words with our own message. To cut down costs I ordered flat cards and leveraged one of the many specials that Vista Prints runs.


Here is the original photo

Wedding DIY photo 3


And after airbrushing and modification in Photoshop, here is our thank you card.

Wedding DIY photo 4


Personalized Napkins

I would like to thank court.beachbride for the inspiration and all of the assistance.

I fell in love with personalized napkins but not the price online vendors wanted for them. I couldn't even find a great deal on etsy. But then I stumbled upon court.beachbride's bio and she said that hers were completely DIY.

I ordered a custom stamp on ebay from the seller loongchai74. He has a multitude of designs to choose from and most are no more than $7. I paid $6.99 for mine. I then ordered StazOn Ink in brown from an online vendor (I used Google to search out the best price). The ink does not wear off, run or smear once its wet which is critical since people are using it for beverages and to wipe there mouth. I got 3-ply cocktail napkins from Party City for no more than $2 for a pack of 50. From there is was a matter of stamping away. I did 300 in about 30-40 minutes.


Wedding DIY photo 5


Bridesmaid Information Card

I got this idea from Miss Lightening from

I saw the wonderful bridesmaid information cards she made and I knew I wanted to do one as well. I scoured the internet for a vintage picture of an African American bridal party and was able to find the perfect pic (PM me if you want a copy of the jpeg).

I then did all my work in Mac Pages after modifying the pic from black and white to sepia tone in Iphoto. It was easy to add a pink border and a pink title (using Burgues font - color does not show well in photo). I then designed the back of the card giving my bridesmaids a timeline of the day with all relevant events for them and then adding at the bottom any pertinent information for day of and contact information for the wedding planners. The roses were done with a font I downloaded from

I printed the cards on shimmery 80lb cardstock which really enhanced the effect of the card.

Card measured 4" x 6"

Wedding DIY photo 6


Wedding DIY photo 7


Wedding DIY photo 8


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Invitation to be a Bridesmaid (My First Wedding DIY Project)

So here was my inspiration for my bridesmaid invites courtesy of Mrs.Lovebug on Weddingbee.Com:

Mrs. Lovebug Bridesmaid Invites


I decided to do a backstage pass as well as a ticket to the wedding. All was done in Microsoft Publisher since at the time I had no clue about Photoshop. And all was cut out by hand since the fanciest cutter I had were  scissors. The template for the ticket I got from the Microsoft website and I just modified it to suit my needs.  I decided to get each of them monogrammed totes from Etsy seller loyalty and blood (to use as supermarket bags, to carry stuff for the wedding, etc). Then I just packaged it together with a ribbon.


Bridesmaids Gifts photo 1  Bridesmaids Gifts photo 2 Bridesmaids Gifts photo 3 


Bridesmaids Hostess Gifts for the Bridal Shower


I saw the following post on Elizabeth Anne Designs and thought what a great idea and it looked so simple. So I got the supplies from enough to make one necklace and a set of earrings for each of my bridesmaids and myself. The supplies needed were the following for the necklace:

Item# JR223 Jump Ring 4mm Silver Color ($1.44/100 pcs)
Item# BL119 Vine Pinch Bail 13×13mm AS ($2.59/2 pcs)
Item # CN135 Cable Chain-Flat 1mm 18″ s/s ($3.24/each)
Item# FB4317 Swarovski Briolette Flat 6012 15mm GldShd ($1.69/each)

I also had to pick up needle nose and round nose pliers which I was able to get really cheap at Michael's Crafts. Watching the video in the link about how to open a jump ring was very helpful. I will admit, however, it takes some getting used to since they are so tiny (good thing you get them in a pack of 100). 

I am forging ahead with the earrings once I figure out one other needed piece.


Bridesmaids Gifts photo 4

Bridesmaids Gifts photo 5