Aug 08, 2008

Chic Unique Inc. - Custom Aisle Runners
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Fate had brought me to this website and I found all the nice comments here about Beth and her Chic Unique. I contacted Beth immediately, but back then she was very busy with all the orders she had recieved. It was a Friday. I remember it so well because Beth asked me to call her back in a week to see if she had caught up with some of the work so she could take my order. I called the next Thursday (who could wait for one more day anyway?). Beth was still swamped by all the orders she recieved so she asked me to call her back in another week to see how it went. I called the next Wednesday (who could wait for one more day anyway?). That's when Beth finally "broke down" and took my order! :)) I won! Little did I know that my winning would be bigger than I expected. As soon as Beth took my order, she started working with me on the design. Based on my requirement, she created three different designs for me to choose, and she was cool when I made a decision and then changed mind! She created one more design for me, and she was still cool when I changed my mind again! Cool! Before I knew, Beth had sent me an email with the picture of the final product for me to review and approve! It looked absolutely gorgeous. And before I knew, my runner is on its way to my home! What I can say? Beth rocks! She's so straightforward and so highly efficient! :)) It is so worth it when a little persistence helps you win such a wonderful professional like Beth. So far the runner is the only great thing that has achieved smoothly during my wedding planning. I highly recommend her to you, but keep in mind that, as more people visit here and see all these wonderful reviews, you may have to "call back in another week" for at least ten times before she can take your order! So better roll up your sleeves and call her right away! :))) p.s. My wedding is on August 8, 2008!
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