Jul 04, 2009

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Engagement date: August 9th, 2008

It was a beautiful night.  About 200 guests came to the party at his parents house in Livermore.  We had a DJ, 4 bartenders, 3 dohles ( Indian bhangra players ) and a lot of food and drinks.  The backyard was lit in candles, and covered with a tent.  It was lovely...and I got super tipsy!!

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Wedding date: July 4th, 2009

Plcae: Palm Event Center, Pleasenton, CA


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This ring is amazing.  I had decided on yellow gold because it goes with my dark skin so well. It'a a John Atencio, with a VS 1, G, 1.7 ct round brilliant. 


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He took me to the cliff house restaurant overlooking the SF Bay for dinner.  We just ordered a bottle of champagne when he excused himself to the bathroom.  A waiter came and brought a silver covered plate, removed the top and walked away,  I sat dumbfounded staring at this beautiful ring in front of me.  The tables around me noticed evrything and the restaurant started to get quiet. He walked down a ramp to me, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him!  He had invited some of our friends who were hiding in the restaurant.  I said yes he slipped the ring on my finger and the entire restaurant started clapping.  I was struck by suprise, nervousness and joy.  My friends came, we all had champagne and toasted!


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I love this man!  He came into my life in October, 2007.  From then on, I've never felt more loved, more important and more cherished.  We're best friends, lovers and partners in crime! I heard about love like this but only thought it existed in the movies.  I now know that my waiting 33 years to find the man of my dreams was well worth the wait!

The first time we saw each other we didn't talk. I noticed him looking at me, got distracted and didn't see him again.  All I remembered were his big brown eyes. But that was it.

Six months later, I hit up this stranger on He was younger than me by 2 years so I was suprised that I did.  In fact, if I realized it at the time, I might not of.  The night we were suppossed to go out, he almost stood me up.  In my normal sense, I would of cancelled but for some reason, without rhyme or reason I didn't.  I remember even picking up the phone to cancel then changing my mind!  So we met, shook hands and the first thing he said to me was, " I remember you, I saw you at a party 6 months ago, you were wearing a black and white polk-a-dot dress!"

And, the rest is history.....

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