Sep 01, 2012

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We are MARRIED!! If you use any of my pictures, please give my photographer, Jennifer Skog, and myself credit!


Our Wedding photo 1

Our Wedding photo 2

Our Wedding photo 3Our Wedding photo 4

Our Wedding photo 5Our Wedding photo 6

Our Wedding photo 7Our Wedding photo 8

Our Wedding photo 9

Our Wedding photo 10

Our Wedding photo 11


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Our fabulous engagement pictures by Shannon Montez Photography. If you use any of my pictures, please credit Shannon Montez Photography and myself! Thanks!

Engagement Pics photo 1

Engagement Pics photo 2

Engagement Pics photo 3

Engagement Pics photo 4

Engagement Pics photo 5

Engagement Pics photo 6

Engagement Pics photo 7

Engagement Pics photo 8

Engagement Pics photo 9

Engagement Pics photo 10

Engagement Pics photo 11

Engagement Pics photo 12

Engagement Pics photo 13

Engagement Pics photo 14


Engagement Pics photo 15

Engagement Pics photo 16

Engagement Pics photo 17

Engagement Pics photo 18

Engagement Pics photo 19

Engagement Pics photo 20

Engagement Pics photo 21

Engagement Pics photo 22

Engagement Pics photo 23

Engagement Pics photo 24

Engagement Pics photo 25

Engagement Pics photo 26

Engagement Pics photo 27

Engagement Pics photo 28

Engagement Pics photo 29

Engagement Pics photo 30

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Bachelorette Party!!!

I will be wearing this dress by Jonna Kitten. It is normally $350, but I found it on eBay for $65! Yay! I haven't ordered it yet b/c I'm planning on losing a few more pounds, so I will measure myself when the time get closer to my Bachelorette Party! I can't wait!

With these shoes:

User submitted photo

For the Pool, I would like to wear this bathing suit from Victoria's Secret:

 VEGAS photo 1

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This is what I would like my bouquet to look like....

Bouquet Inspiration photo 1

Or like KiraBugg's bouquet... Her's was stunning!

 Bouquet Inspiration photo 2

For the Bridesmaids, I would love for them to have white hydrangeas, roses, and a couple of peony's.

Bouquet Inspiration photo 3

 Bouquet Inspiration photo 4



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Thanks to Uhlease, I now have a great checklist going!

  • Reserve ceremony/reception venue-DONE!
  • Book wedding officiant
  • Choose wedding party and confirm the participants-DONE
  • Buy wedding bands
  • Draw up an initial guest list-DONE!
  • Order wedding dress-DONE!
  • Buy wedding jewelry
  • Buy veil-DONE
  • Buy garter-DONE!
  • Book photographer -- DONE
  • Book videographer --
  • Reserve a caterer-DONE!(comes with venue)
  • Arrange for decor, chair covers and linens
  • Book DJ-DONE!
  • Reserve florist-DONE
  • Order cake-
  • Register-
  • Decide menu-DONE
  • Do menu tasting
  • Make STDs
  • Make invitations
  • Choose outfits for mother of the bride
  • Get marriage license
  • Finalize guest list
  • Finalize order with the florist
  • Groom's attire
  • Mail the invitations
  • Write wedding vows
  • Write wedding ceremony
  • Finalize menus
  • Confirm the wedding details with the musicians and clergy or officiant-
  • Make programs
  • Purchase gifts for attendants
  • Make appointments for nails and make-up
  • Schedule final dress fitting
  • Plan the rehearsal dinner
  • Meet with photographer and videographer
  • Finalize reception details-
  • Call any guests who have not replied
  • Meet with your hairdresser and make-up artist for consultation
  • Deliver song lists to musicians or playlists to DJ-
  • Finalize seating plan-
  • Determine the order for the procession-
  • Have rehearsal-
  • Confirm accommodation reservations-
  • Confirm the final numbers with the caterer-
  • Confirm details with the limousine company-
  • Deliver marriage license to the officiant-
  • Draw up a seating arrangement for the reception and write out the place cards-
  • Write any checks required for the wedding day


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Our venue is providing the Chivari Chairs for our use. They will be gold/antique gold in color. We would like to do high and low centerpieces. The flowers that we would like to use are hydrangeas, roses, lilies, and garden roses all in white.

With Centerpieces about this height and this large:

Table Inspiration photo 1

With flowers in vases at the bottom of the large center pieces like this:

Table Inspiration photo 2Table Inspiration photo 3

For the low center pieces, we would like to do something like this:

 Table Inspiration photo 4 but with flowers like this... Table Inspiration photo 5Table Inspiration photo 6

 We will be using black table cloths for the round table, and the white banquet table cloth that it provided by our venue. We have not decided if we want to purchase or rent our linens, but below are our options for both:


Black Pintuck



 Table Inspiration photo 7

We would like to use these charger plates from Stuart Rentals

Table Inspiration photo 8

Everyone who knows me knows that I LOVE candles!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them! So, we will be having a ton of candles- EVERYWHERE!! On every table, there will be 15-20 votive candles, these tealight candles from the dollar tree, and floating candles...

Table Inspiration photo 9

With soy tealights from: I would like to get all of the tealights scented in clean linen, and a flower of some sort- I still haven't decided. I would also like to get Votive candles from this company- also in a scent.

And these votive, and floating candles from: