Nov 05, 2011

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I debated several times on what colors to choose and after perusing photos and asking for feedback from PW, I've decided on eggplant and teal. I found a photo from Etsy that really captures the boldness and beauty of these 2 colors. I think they are romantic and strong at the same time.

Colors and inspiration photo 1

While I don't think I'll ask my BM to wear a teal or eggplant dress, I do plan on asking them to wear a simple black dress. I'm hoping to find a shawl or wrap in these colors for them to have since my wedding will be in November. The GM can probably wear a teal tie with black suit.

A.K. Trading Company

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Our wedding reception will be followed by a cocktail hour and a time where FI will be honorary Duck Master at The Peabody. We will mingle during cocktail hour in the large lobby area right outside the ballroom, and plan to have a sit-down dinner. The ballroom is really beautiful and the staff members there are very friendly!Reception Venue photo 1Reception Venue photo 2

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Our wedding ceremony will take place at a beautiful Catholic Church. I'm Catholic, and FI isn't, but it's nice that he supports my faith and joins me in this spiritual celebration of union! There were a couple of churches that I picked out for him to see, and then to decide on what he thought he might prefer. It was obvious to him that this was it! We both attended Mass that morning and decided that same day that we wanted to be married here. I'm told that the church accomodates 480 people, which is perfect since we do expect 200+ guests.Ceremony photo 1Ceremony photo 2

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Joshua and I had gone ring shopping, so I knew the engagement would be coming; I just didn't know when. The ring shopping experience was another story itself because I was overwhelmed with the whole experience. We went a few times before I was finally able to truly embrace it--and fortunately, I was able to narrow it down to some really lovely choices (2 round cut and 2 princess cut). Funny thing is, we had planned on going ring shopping when I wouldn't feel so rushed. One morning, I was on Facebook and saw an advertisement to the right of the screen, and it was for the jewelry store where I ended up finding the perfect ring! So, I narrowed it down again, this time to 2 rings--both round cut diamonds (which totally surprised me cause I thought I'd go for princess cut). That at least left the final ring choice a surprise...the best was when Joshua came from the back of the store (doing paperwork), he emerged with a HUGE smile on his face. Loved it.

On Sept. 10th, I got home that Friday and noticed quickly that Joshua was acting differently. He seemed serious and quiet--and the look on his face, I just got the funny feeling something was wrong. I asked if everything was okay, and when I continued to pester him, he reassured me. I still thought maybe something happened that day, he wasn't telling me. Whatever. I told him that it felt like he wasn't telling me something. We continued on our night, had dinner, etc. As he was finishing up the kitchen cleaning, I went back to the living room, waited on the couch. He came out of the kitchen and said "Hey baby you know how when you plan something, and it just doesn't go as planned? I was going to wait until Sunday to do this, but there isn't a more perfect time than now." He was already bending down on his knee, reaching inside his pocket...pulled out the box, opened it up, turned it to me and asked "Will you marry me?" At this point, I was experiencing a range of emotions--we were both crying and hugging. I said yes, and he put the ring on my finger!!

Rings proposals and dinner oh my photo 1Rings proposals and dinner oh my photo 2

After all of this, he told me that he intended to do this Sunday night (which would've been 1 year of dating for us). Apparently, he had some plans in the works--had emailed my supervisor and asked if I could have Monday off b/c he had made plans for us Sunday. I was expecting him to have to work Sunday night, but he asked for the night off, made
reservations for us...he told me he was planning on leaving for "work," was going to change into his suit, come back and surprise me, propose, then tell me about the dinner reservations. I was so surprised he had kept this secret for so long! And that my supervisor knew!!! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to have the whole day off Monday (which she really wanted to give me) because I had a mandatory training. BUT, with all that said, it happened spontaneously even though he planned it. 

We had a wonderful dinner Sunday night at a really fancy restaurant :) It was one of those quiet, dimly lit, romantic mood kind of places. Well at least it was that night! He made reservations pretty late to give me enough time to change when he was going to surprise me, but fortunately, he moved the reservations up, and we had more time to enjoy our engagement since he proposed Friday.

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Josh and I are pretty much home bodies. We love just hanging out, being with family, and keeping a low profile. Our meeting was a 2-step process. We knew each other from work but never really talked. I came up as a friend suggestion on Facebook, and while reluctant to add him, I did anyway after first messaging back and forth for a bit. That progressed to phone communication, and then to a date. We knew during our first date that we didn't want to be with anybody else, and our relationship grew from there. We ended up meeting family and friends and spent most of our free time together. Needless to say, the romance was effortless and just flowed naturally.

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