Sep 03, 2010

( 1.6 / 5.0 )
I had Noreen come and do my trial and was very impressed with her work. She did a great job and I was so glad to have found someone who I thought would be reliable and be there for me. Unfortunately, she did not show up on the day of my wedding. Her assistant, who had a very pleasant attitude was left to do everyone's hair and make up and mine was not the same as my trial- hair nor makeup. I had no phone call or e-mail to let me know that Noreen was never coming until I had to ask later that morning. After the wedding, I sent an email expressing that I was upset. Still no phone call or response. Completely unprofessional and unreliable. What a rough start-I was not happy and would not reccommend this company unless you are okay with their own schedule, not yours.I have a lot of friends getting married so business was lost on this one.
Services used: Beauty & Health
A Bridal Beauty
I am sorry that I did not reach out to you sooner but I was in a car accident on the day of your wedding. My Assistant was informed of this on the day of your wedding with a text message. She decided that she did not want to upset you and let you know that I was injured and hospitalized on your event. She told me that she told you. I did not charge you for your hair extensions that I personally picked up from you at your home and styled prior to your wedding.Most On Site or salon would have Charged you $ 100.00 extra. Your were also not charged for scar touch ups on your mom and sister's legs which should have been an additional $ 100.00 I am very reiable but unfortunatly I broke my ankle that day so it was impossible for me to work your wedding. I did have someone there to take care of everyones services. If I was unreliable no one would have been there to service you. I went above and beyond with you and I don't deserve this poor rating from you.