Feb 19, 2012

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On 9/27/2012, I was offered a spot on the pink heart team!!


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SO excited to be a part of this great group of girls!! If you have ANY questions about Project Wedding, planning your own wedding, or just want to chat--let me know!!!

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 PW Christmas Stocking photo 1


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I cannot believe I never have written this story for my bio!

Justin and I got engaged six months into our relationship, in September 2010. I was expecting the ring in December as we were going on a cruise.

He had been planning a weekend away from home but wouldn't tell me anything.  We went to Columbus where he had planned a weekend full of shopping! I was estatic because there are so many times when I want something but will never buy it for myself (read: I am cheap.) and he made sure all the things I had been drooling over I had.

We stopped back at the hotel and changed for dinner. It was lovely. I distinctly remember he had the rack of lamb, I had the pork chops. We shared cheesecake.

We walked back to the hotel and were just laying around reflecting on the last six months. Hilariously, I even brought up getting engaged. His parents are pretty straight laced and I was like whatever you do, tell them first, I don't want to have to tell them they are stuck with me. and he goes, "do I really have to tell them first?" and I was like, "nahhh, you don't have to" eventually I went to the bathroom. We were going to be going to bed soon, so I just got undressed-save for a tank top.

When I walked out, he is fully dressed. Down to the shoes. I was like,

"Why did you put your shirt back on?"

FI: No reason
Me: Why do you have shoes on?
FI: My feet were cold.
Me: Ugh...did you want to go somewhere? (at this point I had turned to walk across the room.
FI: No...I just wanted to do this...

I turned around and he was on one knee.

Me: what...
FI: [all I remember from his speech is..]will you marry me?
Me: I don't have pants on! omg. omg. YES!!!

and then I said "I don't have pants on" like 5 more times.

It was a hilariously perfect engagement!

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After much searching, and SEVERAL meltdowns, we have wedding plans!!!


My venue:

we've gone back and forth boat wedding vs beach wedding...and have decided boat!! The ceremony will be at sunset on the party deck. THat will be the beginning of a 4 hour cruise. It was originally a 3 hour cruise, but I kept getting bad Gilligan's Island thee hour tour thoughts in my head ;)


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Hello, everyone! I am so so so excited to be here! My Fiance, Justin, and I are over the moon to be planning our wedding!

How we met:

I was sitting at home on a Saturday night babysitting my four year old nephew [who is quite possibly the coolest kid], when I received a text message from my Aunt Karen. She had gone out that night with a girl friend of hers, I was looking forward to drunk texts/phone calls and assumed this was one of them. But it was a picture message of my now fiance and the text "could you be interested in this guy?" I wrote back almost instantly, "hell yes I could!" and so it began. He was a former coworker of the woman she with, and she claims to have known instantly we were perfect for each other. That night we text for hours and everybody kept asking me to come out. Unfortunately, I couldn't.
It ended up being nearly two weeks before we actually had our first date. And it was perfect. I was so nervous because I had convinced myself he wouldn't like me. I realize now how ridiculous that thought was.

He is by far the best text I ever received!