Jul 28, 2012

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We're going pretty DIY for the wedding. Leaning towards more of a crafty look because I'm a heavy crafter and FI accepts it, lol. It's slowly coming together but I can't wait for it to be all set up :D

DIY Projects photo 1

My vase centerpieces  - dollarstore carafes wrapped in light blue yarn, with a red ribbon tied around the neck! I used some white craft sand to fill the bottoms and help prop up the flowers I'm making.

DIY Projects photo 2DIY Projects photo 3

The paper flowers in our wedding colours. They're made of paper tissue (dollarstore holla!), floral wire, floral tape, gold beads, and lots and lots of patience. I need to make about 400 and I've got maybe 150. Still 7 months though!

DIY Projects photo 4

The head table banner! I made it out of fabric, bias tape with the words "Just Married" painted in white. Unforuntately the white doesn't show too well on the yellow fabric, so I may use a little bit of grey to highlight the letters.

DIY Projects photo 5

Our postcard table numbers. Mounted postcards on cardstock in our colours (except red because the numbers on the back are red). I plan on putting postcards on tables where people have traveled from - ie: the Kamloops card on the grandparents table wo are travelling from Kamloops. So many of our close guests are from out of town, and I want a way to show them we appreciate the distance!

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Merry Christmas y'all!!

PW Virtual Stocking Stuffer photo 1

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We ordered our invites from Etsy seller JenSimpsonDesigns. I couldn't be happier with them! They fit our theme, and came very quickly :D

The photo from the etsy shop:

The Invitations photo 1source


The Invitations photo 2

I couldn't wait to open them up. The package came at work, and I tore that sucker up!

The Invitations photo 3

We're EW ;D hehe.

The Invitations photo 4

I'm a bit idiot though and put all our return addresses in nice black sharpie on the RSVP envelopes....then we realized I'd be moving out of our Burnaby home to Terrace before the RSVP due date! Uhghg. So the plan of action is to order new rsvp envelopes and re-write them for probably our parent's address since we won't have a permanent address. There goes another 40 bucks!


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Last month I ordered my veil on etsy. ...If I could, I'd do all my purchases there!

I went with a small double layer blusher veil from etsy seller simplebeautyveils. Love it!

Here's some pictures:

The Veil Has Arrived photo 1The Veil Has Arrived photo 2The Veil Has Arrived photo 3

Still no idea on how to wear it or do my hair the day. It's safe to say I'll be growing out my crummy layers!

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I'm a search for the right shoe...which I will totally buy after the insane Christmas spending season.

Since my dress is mocha/cream-based, I want to go with gold or cream coloured shoes! No, onto the shoe choices I have in mind:

Shoe Inspiration photo 1Shoe Inspiration photo 2source Shoe Inspiration photo 3source


Shoe Inspiration photo 4source Shoe Inspiration photo 5source Shoe Inspiration photo 6source


For the brown shades:

Shoe Inspiration photo 7source

For something a little more wild, and something blue:

Shoe Inspiration photo 8sourceShoe Inspiration photo 9sourceShoe Inspiration photo 10source

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I won the cutest pumpkin in PWs 2011 carving contest!

PW Pumpkin Carving Contest photo 1PW Pumpkin Carving Contest photo 2

With my pumpkin ;D