Apr 25, 2009

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So we finally found jars we love for the candy buffet... ordered them online through

We paid $14.99 for the pack of 3  *free shipping*- we ordered 2pks

Candy Buffet photo 1

and we ordered 4 of these at $4.99 each

Candy Buffet photo 2

I received the jars in the mail yesterday and they are perfect! I was concerned that the top would be to narrow but they are not.  My Fi's hand fit right through the top so that was good.  there was more then enough space for mine :)Candy Buffet photo 3

We love the set up of this candy buffet due to the picture frames... our table will be similar to this one... We will have red, white and black candy (those are our colors).. We will also have a lot more candy :)

 Candy Buffet photo 4

 Our candy Buffet will also be our Wedding favor... Chinese take out boxes will be decorated... and will have a Thank you tag on them with our names and date... I found this website that sells 100 boxes (1 pint or 1/2pint) for only $12.44

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I tried on about 10 gowns before this one... I thought i wanted a more simple-fitted dress.  My sister convinced me to try on this dress just for fun... I ended up falling IN LOVE.  I love the way it looked... fit... and they way it made me feel.  So i bought it!!! now i have to wait 15 to 20 weeks for it arrive :(...


THE DRESS photo 1THE DRESS photo 2

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Cesar and I have been together for 9 years-with a 1 1/2 break :(- any who... he is my best friend and can't imagine my life without him. He bought me a small ring in high school and said that one day he would marry me and here we are 6 yrs later planning a wedding (actually im doing all the planning).