Aug 01, 2010

( 2.8 / 5.0 )
There are in fact so many positive things to say about Tribeca Rooftop, however, because of an incident that occurred with their staff on the day of my wedding I cannot recommend the venue. During my wedding the maitre d' (George) took a photograph of a couple in a bathroom stall together on his cell phone. While this was an unfortunate incident, the maitre d' made the situation worse by repeatedly showing the photograph to the myself, my wife (bride at the time) and guests, and made repeated jokes about it. In addition, George came to our table and wrote a lewd comment / joke about the incident on our menu. When I pulled the manager aside (Darryl) and confronted him about the situation, he was completely defensive and dismissive and said, "I have been working with these guys for 5-15 years and they would not do that". He also asked me for a copy of the menu as if he did not believe me. After I repeatedly told him that George showed me photographs on his phoen, he eventually apologized but told me I should talk to him about it after the wedding (I don't think he understood that the reason I was telling him was because I wanted George to stop!!!). There were several other incidents with George as well, including him saying at one point later in the evening, "This wedding is a disaster", out loud on his way to the kitchen without me realizing I was behind him. (I of course mentioned this to Darryl).

On the positive side, Tribeca rooftop is beautiful on the inside - a true manhattan style wedding. The views are incredible. Also, the food is outstanding and is prepared and served like a top-notch restaurant. Also, with the exception of the maitre d' and manager, every other staff member demonstrated good service.

However, the above incident almost ruined our wedding, and it is truly a shame because if it were not for the above incidents, I would have nothing but positive things to say.
Services used: Wedding Venue