Sep 10, 2011

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Well, my DH decided he wanted to do something a bit different for the groomsmen... so he chose seersucker suits!

Bridal Party photo 1                   Bridal Party photo 2

And for the lovely ladies, these are my inspiration pics so far

Bridal Party photo 3     Bridal Party photo 4

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I -think- I finally committed to a color scheme. Choosing colors was the hardest part about wedding planning!

Inspiration photo 1Inspiration photo 2

Inspiration photo 3Inspiration photo 4

sources clockwise from top left: (can't locate sourse),,, dooby design group


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Fur Babies photo 1      Fur Babies photo 2

This is my sweet little dachshund Bailey Belle... I am a fool for this animal!

And here is the newest addition to our family: Baxter!

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We were incredibly lucky to find such a beautiful, convenient facility for our reception! 

By the time we decided to go ahead with a formal wedding, almost every venue in our little city was booked... more than a year in advance. When I sent an information request to the coordinator at our site, I had almost no hope that it would still be available. Magically, the date and time we had our hearts set on was the last available time slot for the entire summer. I'm so happy and totally feel like this was meant to be

Reception photo 1Reception photo 2

Reception photo 3Reception photo 4

The absolute best part about our venue is that it's all-inclusive. They do the food, alcohol, flowers, dancefloor and DJ, linens/flatware/chiavari chairs... even the cake! I love all things planning-related, but I felt overwhelmed by organizing it all. Having the reception here will make the process relaxing and fun (I hope)

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We're having the ceremony at the church I went to growing up. My family has always been really involved in the parish, so it was a given that we would have the wedding there.

Ceremony photo 1

It's just a bonus that the building happens to be absolutely beautiful!

Ceremony photo 2


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FI and I met through friends several years before we really got to know each other, and it was not love at first sight. When I was first introduced to him at a Halloween party in 2007, he was somewhat aloof and did not respond well to my bubbly, enthusiastic greeting.

-As an aside, I'm known for being super sweet and friendly in social settings. I was DEFINITELY not used to getting the cold shoulder from anyone-

 "Hmmph! Who's that jerk in the Elmo costume? He should have come as Oscar the Grouch instead!"

Fast forward two years later and FI and I were living in the same apartment complex! Whenever I would see him walking around the complex, I wold turn on my heels, flip my hair over my shoulder and march away in the opposite direction (Miss Piggy-Style)

Well, we ended up going to some of the same parties, chatting a little bit more each time. We had a lot in common and started doing fun little activities together. I was sort-of in the tail end of a long, bad relationship, so spending time with FI was like a breath of fresh air. I couldn't believe that I had met a guy I actually enjoyed spending time with!

Well, it didn't take much time after that realization for me to finally dump my icky ex. Every day since then has been a blessing. I love waking up each morning because it means another day with him