Jun 18, 2011

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For Sale Items photo 1

This is the picture my friend took at my wedding.
Perfect for DIY brides who want to do the centerpieces yourself.

I bought them brand new and I only used them once at my wedding.

I have 12 of them (flowers, little candleholders and marbles not included) and I still have the candles I use (I can give them to you for free)
I am asking $40 OBO+ shipping. 

I live in Schaumburg, IL so if you can pick them up and you don't have to pay for the shipping!

I have a lot of the marbles (at the bottom of the vases) , let me know if you need them and we can figure something out.

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Program photo 1

This is my DIY part 2.

I made my own program from scratch too! I bought the card stock (from, ribbon (from‏) , martha stewart punch (from hobby lobby), and the customized stamp from ESTY(from "myrubberstamp")

Also, I use the same card stock for the escort card as well.

Found the template from Martha Stewart website and just added the names!

Flowers are added for the food selection (bought at Hobby Lobby)


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Centerpieces photo 1

This is the centerpiece I did for my wedding this past Saturday!

I learned a lot from this website so I thought I should contribute some!

I bought the glass vases, and floating candles,online and flowers from costco.

The purple branches and marbles are from hobby lobby!

I made 12 of them!

It has a really good turnout!

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It took me a while to finally made up my mind to give my DIY invitation project. (because I really want to do it myself) My work has been too crazy and I can't wait any longer to send the invitations out.

We selected our invitation from McPhersons. We found a very simple but elegant pocket invitation from their catalogue! We got a really good deal as well!

Placed the order today and I can't wait to see my invitations in two weeks! Will share the pictures when it comes!


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This is the bride-to-be from Chicago, IL!

We are getting married in June 2011.

I am new to the PW so hopefully I can gather the info I need for the wedding!

We already set up our color, which is purple and silver. (purple from me and silver from my FI)

Try to creative and DIY for the most part!

Enjoy wedding planning!