Sep 03, 2011

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After keeping myself from buying anything I finally broke down and bought several pieces that could be used for centerpieces or vases/candle holders around the venue.  We have an appointment with a florist later this month.  I cannot wait to hear her ideas and see what flower choice is best for the vases.

I also purchased some fabric that matches the bridesmaid dress exactly, however I have no idea what to use it for yet.

Here are a few picture I took with the fabric under the vases and candle holders.  The purple is most like the picture on top but purple's can photograph differently depending on the light they are exposed to.

Centerpiece Ideas photo 1

Centerpiece Ideas photo 2Centerpiece Ideas photo 3Centerpiece Ideas photo 4

Centerpiece Ideas photo 5Centerpiece Ideas photo 6Centerpiece Ideas photo 7

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A change has been made in the dress...


After having all of my beautiful bridesmaids try on the convertible dress (pictured below) we decided to go shopping at a traditional store to see what we could find.  Boy, oh boy!  We found a pretty little cocktail dress that has a similair flower at the waist as my wedding dress.  We will be doing navy on navy.




I really love the look of having different necklines for all  of the ladies in our bridal party.  I came across the convertible dress and had to order one for myself to see if I liked the color and the fabric.  Since trying it out myself I've had most of my bridesmaids try it on.  Here is my sister in the dress (She was not really into trying on the dress, she hates trying on clothes)!

Bridesmaid Dresses photo 1Bridesmaid Dresses photo 2 Bridesmaid Dresses photo 3Bridesmaid Dresses photo 4Bridesmaid Dresses photo 5Bridesmaid Dresses photo 6Bridesmaid Dresses photo 7Bridesmaid Dresses photo 8Bridesmaid Dresses photo 9


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As he pulled the ring out of and popped the top of the ring box I was in shock to see all of those diamonds.  I love all things that sparkle.  Finally the ring was on my finger and I never want to take it off.

My FI was really adamant about NOT going ring shopping together.  He has excellent taste and I knew he would do a great job when the time came, but I still sent a few subtle "e-hints" his way.  Without me knowing he printed out each hint and took them to a jeweler to custom design a ring that put together all of his favorite things about each ring.  Hearing him tell me about his long wait to design and pick out the center diamond made me fall in love with him all over again.

I love to take my ring out for photo shoots when it seems right!

THE RING photo 1THE RING photo 2

THE RING photo 3









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The sun finally decided to come out just in time for the most beautiful sunset ever.  We were on vacation with his family on Lake Michigan in Ludington.  His mom and sister decided to go to the market to buy fish for dinner, while we decided to go for a quick walk to enjoy the sun.  I brought my camera to take shadow pictures of us on the beach and my FLIP video camera that was just given to me for my birthday. 

As we were taking shadow pictures of us kissing and clinking our glasses he said, "make sure you get a good picture of this because I'm only going to do it once."  He crouched down on one knee and pulled the ring out of his pocket.

Finally the PROPOSAL photo 1




I said "YES" while embracing him!  Then I jumped up and down the beach like a little girl for about ten minutes. 

My dad was the only person that knew Matt was going to propose, so when we got back up to the house we were able to enjoy champagne with his mom and sister!  They were both so to share this moment with us.


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My FI and I met in high school after his older sister started dating one of my good friends.  One night after a basketball game we all went over to his house to watch a movie.  I sat next to him with sweaty palms and crossed legs hoping he would never know how nervous I was.  After months of saying hello to eachother in the hallway and sneaking peaks of him during lunch we finally made it official over the summer. 

He was my first kiss, and I cannot wait to share our last first kiss on our wedding day.  We are getting married just after our 11 year anniversary!


Us in High School.

Our first DIY project:

How we met photo 1


Here we are today:

How we met photo 2