Dec 07, 2008

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Ashish Soni is an eminent diamond expert of Chicago. Diamond purchasing demands great knowledge and expertise. Ashish is world wide famous for imparting useful information about crucial aspects of diamond to educate people.

You will get latest and beautiful diamond jewelry designs in his collection as he is specialized in designing diamond ring, necklace, ear rind and any other kind of diamond jewelry. Covering all genre of diamond jewelry, I also provide option for custom jewelry design. You can enjoy the unique, exotic look of ornament. Leading industry from past 15 years, Walter Krakowsky is famous for its quality diamond, unique design and customer oriented approach.

Being a diamond expert, Ashish Soni also provides loose diamonds for business purpose. Certified diamonds will give you great value and high return on investment. You would not get such innovative design any where else except his collection.

You can fix up appointment with Ashish Soni online by filling up an appointment form.