May 14, 2011

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I must say thank-you to all those whose pics I have been saving since I started here! I apologize that I do not know who to specifically give credit to on them. I saved them a while ago & did not even realize I needed to give credit. Please please feel free to tag your pics :)
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So my fiancé and I knew from the beginning we would be financing our own wedding. Not because we do not have wonderful family that would do their best to help, but because we didn't want them to feel like they had to make something happen that they just couldn't do. Therefore, we knew that DIY projects would be much cheaper and keep us on the line with our budget. We felt it best not to go into debt even before we are married so we decided $2,000 sounded about right; tight... Yes, but do-able! I found my dress on eBay & had my seamstress change the sash (originally it had a white one & now it is black), I bought my flower girls' dresses on sale at JcPenney & will have their sashes changed to match mine. I found my MOH (sister) dress for $9! And we only had to buy a dark purple dress shirt for his Bestman (twin brother) that was on sale at Macy's for $25 & black suspenders for $10 to match the black slacks he will borrow from my fiancé. DIY My fiancé has been wonderful about all the projects we have & very willing to help; but it has mostly fallen on me ;) We have learned to enjoy the bitter sweet taste of being a DIY couple ;) At times it has been difficult, time consuming, & taken a lot of patience & faith in each other; but we have learned to trust ourselves & each other more through it! We are making our own centerpieces, flower bouquets, shepherd hooks, card box, save-the-dates, invitations, fan programs, & I am sure more ;) I forgot to mention & just had to add... I am having my garters made as well! My man is a marine so I am going to surprise him with a marine themed garter! My seamstress is excited to make it for me! I will be posting pictures of projects. Please enjoy ;)
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My fiance' is such a crafty, intelligent, and fun-loving man!  I truly could not ask for a better man!  He is quite cunning as well!  The plan he came up with to ask me to marry him was far beyond perfect!

He must have started planning right around the same time I told my mother I would come to visit her for a few days because I was pretty clueless (without being completely clueless ;) )  when he asked me.  You see we had discussed how I would miss our monthly anniversary this time because I would be with my mother.  Therefore, he simply asked if we could spend all Saturday together when I got back home.  Of course, he knew I would LOVE the idea of spending the whole day with my man and just taking it easy!

Apparently, we were not actually just taking it easy, he had "planned" our casual day quite specifically ;)  He started out by asking me the night before if he could come and pick me up early in the morning.  We could enjoy breakfast together and then go to one of our favorite hang-out spots on the OU campus (the flower garden).  He told me the flowers were blooming quite well the last few days and he wanted me to see them.

Well, you ladies understand when I say I was running a tad bit late due to exhaustion from the previous week ;)  My man is usually laid back and totally care-free but he seemed a bit on the edge Saturday morning (the best morning yet!).  I asked him if all was ok and he said yes... so we kept it at that.  Well, he asked me if we could go to OU first because he wanted to miss the crowd for the game.  I said yes, so we were on our way.

We went to park in the parking garage and the road was closed.  He got frustrated and said it wasn't closed earlier (I didn't catch on to that... I am sure he was pleased by this) and decided to go past the road block.  I thought this was unusual of him to act this way (not passing the road block, but getting frustrated ;) ).  I let it go just thinking he might be tired himself (he looked pretty exhausted... I would soon find out why later). 

We were on our way to the garden and ended up taking the route which would take us by one of our favorite fountains.  He asked if we could stop there.  He then said he needed to use the restroom and wanted to make sure I had my phone (#1 he never has to just go to the restroom ;) #2 he never worries about me having my phone)... I pondered this for a moment but reassured him that I had my phone.  I then just figured he wanted to make sure I would have my phone due to the large amount of people who might show up soon for the game.

We both love taking pictures... so of course I was taking pictures of the scenery with my phone while waiting.  He hadn't been gone but for a few seconds when he called me.  He then proceeded to ask me "Are you ready for me to make this one of the best days of your life?"  I then proceeded to say "You aren't going to the restroom are you?" lol!

He then took me on somewhat of a scavenger hunt with a leather-bound map booklet he made for me.  He sent me to the different gardens, statues, and fountains that we enjoy around the beautiful OU campus.  I ended up at the FLOWER GARDEN where he originally told me he wanted to take me.  My directions for that page were to turn... and... run... and... jump into his arms!  He was standing in the entrance with a bouquet of beautiful purple flowers mixed with greens and yellows (purple is one of our colors for our wedding!) 

I was having so much fun, and then he didn't ask me... so I just figured he really wanted to celebrate our month!  It was great!  LOL!  I then waited for him to maybe have a present for me... because he had mentioned wanting to get me something for our monthly celebration other than just flowers.  Well, he told me I had one more page to read... I was so caught up in the now excursion that I didn't even think about what was about to come!  I had set the booklet down with the flowers as well on one of the edges of the garden... so I had to turn and kneel down to read it... "Will you marry me?"

I read it aloud "Will you marry me?" "WILL YOU MARRY ME?!" (twice... lol)  I turned to say yes (still kneeling) and he was knelt down beside me with the ring!  We hugged, I cried, the usual ya know ladies ;)  However, he wasn't through with me.  He then proceeded to play the song Could I have this Dance because it's a song we both lovingly and joking sing together and dance to... he then danced me around the garden!  It was perfect!

Yes, ladies... he stayed up all night preparing this for me & had the booklet hidden behind the fountain I started at!

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Joshua Alan Cain is truly the LOVE of my life!  Our story is one of speed and caution.  I know, I know, you would think two such actions would be hard to move in at the same time, but we somehow managed it.  This is the first chapter of the rest of our biography together!

I met Josh at the church I now attend.  Two weeks before I met him I told God it was just me & Him, and I didn't need a man to fulfill my life.  Hey ladies, I am just being honest!  I was invited by my sister who was invited by a friend to come to their church.  I came, I saw, and I denied my flesh instantly because boy was Josh something to look at!  Ladies, if there were ever a time I had seen EYE CANDY so divine that I didn't almost jump at it instantly, he would be the case ;)  However, I had decided that I did not need a man, and I am STUBBORN!

A few weeks later I decided I would start attending this church and help out with the youth.  Now, I had previously met Josh around the third time I came because he approached me with his name & number to tell me to call him when I finished schooling for nonprofit business because he wanted to donate some money to my future safe house for women & children rescued from human trafficking.  YES ladies, I am going to do this!  Anyway, I of course conveniently lost his number & forgot his name. 

On top of brushing his name & number aside, I also missed the fact that HE was the youth pastor!  Therefore, when I tell the pastor I would like to help with youth you can only imagine what he tells me.  YEP, "Sure, just talk to our youth pastor Josh, he would love for you to help." 

To make a longer story somewhat shorter, I talked to him that night and we instantly clicked.  Little did we both know that we had both just come out of a somewhat serious relationship the month before, and neither were willing to jump into anything.  Yet, we also did not know we both starting praying about it as well!  We talked the next month or so; getting to know each other & how we would work together in the youth.

Joshua decided to take me on a few dates to see if he needed to pursue me.  The first date (he admitted he was trying to be sly about it) he called a "business date" to discuss more intimate things about ourselves to see if we would really be good working together... haha.  By the time he took me on our third date he said he had fallen for me & wanted to know if I would like to be in it for good!

Our third date was amazing!  We went to dinner, both loved how much we had in common & truly enjoyed each other, and the best part-- I totally got him to play in the rain storm with me which was quite an easy task being as though we both think they are truly amazing!

We were not together for long at all (maybe a couple of weeks) before we knew beyond knowing that we were meant to be together; that we had finally found the one we were both waiting for; that 26 years of waiting was well worth the wait (ok, so we are only 26... but you get the point)!

We were together for four months when he asked me to marry him, but it has felt like we have known each other for a life time.  We know this kind of love doesn't come around for everyone and that not everyone might understand it, but we sure do and that's what we KNOW!

I will soon become Charity Cain and the adventure of our lives will take a turn for the best!  I can not wait!